Q: What's the least sexy thing in the world? A: A man who doesn't travel

It's official - travel makes you sexier. Of course, I already knew this...
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July 17, 2012
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This is sexier than a nandos loyalty card (copyright Jon Rawlinson)

Now, I know that PRs release gibberish surveys so that time-pressed hacks, like me, will basically copy and paste and pretend that it's news, when it's clearly just a thinly-veiled puff piece for their client.

But for once it looks like they've got something right. An Australian dating agency says that a survey of singles claimed that travel increases sex appeal. Damn right it does...

We live in an awfully big world. There are millions of people in it. Different cultures, different climates, breathtaking natural beauty, jaw-clanging architecture. To not travel is to say no to discovering all that is not what you know.

It's saying no to a different kind of breakfast, no to an unfamiliar transport system and no to the spirit-raising thrill of not having a clue what's around the corner because you've never, ever been there. In short, it's saying no to the saucy imp of curiosity and that is hella unsexy.

Now, this may come across as American-bashing, but it's absolutely not - it just perfectly illustrates my point on curiosity and it's a good chance to quote Stewart Lee, who I adore:

"Most Americans do not own passports. They’re not a naturally curious people. If you were to lock an American for sixty years in an empty underground bunker which contained nothing but a woolly tea cosy, the American would not even be curious enough to be tempted to see if the tea cosy would make a serviceable hat."

See? Genius.

Oh, Americans See beyond the pot. Imagine it as a hat... (Copyright

But how I love a chap who can keep me entertained, Scheherazade-like with tales of his adventures; late nights exploring Middle-Eastern markets, days learning to kayak under the Caribbean sun...

After all - think about it, if someone is not even curious enough to explore the amazing world around us, how likely is it that they are curious enough to try something a little different in bed? Or go to anything other than the same old boring reliable chain restaurants and bars because they know what to expect. Zzzzz.

I want to be surprised! Excited! Uncertain! There's nothing sexy about same-old, same-old.

And it's not, of course, just about being attracted to men who roam the world. A woman who travels is a confident woman. She knows damn well that she owns the sky above her head and the ground beneath her feet. That there's a big old world out there and only fools don't want to see it. And ask most people - there are few things more attractive than confidence.

Putting it plainly, for me, a well-stamped passport is hotter than a six-pack -- and the guy who owns it far more likely to be able to keep me interested than some pretty stay-at-home gym bunny.