PRANK! Indecent Exposure with Jane

Let's put this whole topless thing to bed, shall we?
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May 15, 2012
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Quick recap: Last week, I made Corynne uncomfortable by flashing my nipples around and using her office as a fitting room. As you may remember, Jane wasn't too fazed by the whole thing. "Let them go topless," she replied when Corynne reached out to complain. "Who cares?"

Surely Jane must have a breaking point, though. She can't be serious. I decided to take her endorsement literally and prance around the office in various degrees of toplessness to find out how she would react. When it comes to indecent exposure, could I crack Jane Pratt?

My office corset

The Corset

From the Fashion Star for H&M collection, this painfully on-trend corset would look most office-friendly with a high waisted skirt or trousers. I went with low-rise cargo pants instead. It was very Survivor era Destiny's Child.

With my corset top hidden not-so-discreetly under that leather vest I wear every day, I asked Jane if she had time to review pictures from a recent photoshoot.

"Sure, honey," she said, without glancing down at my bare midriff. The vest would have to have to come off.

Jane wanted to meet in this very central common area instead of her corner office, which meant everyone who walked by would also see what I was wearing.

Madeline snapped a sneaky pic

During our 15 minute meeting, I caught a few judgey side-glances from co-workers passing by, but nothing from Jane. I even stood up and changed seats several times to give her a better look. Still no response. [I was focused on the work, okay? --Jane]

Nude bra, no problem

The Nude Bra

The best reason to enter Jane's office unannounced is to bring her a Kombucha. She drinks like three a day. With my vest unzipped and just a bra underneath, I knocked on Jane's door, certain that she would finally react.

"I have something for you," I said, extending the bottle across her desk to reveal my bare torso and nude bra. Was this sexual harassment?

"Thanks, honey," she said, suppressing laughter. I scurried out of her office as quickly as possible.

Party time

The Full Frontal

After stripping down to my bra, the only thing left to do was take everything off. Besides, it was Emily's birthday and I hadn't bought her a present. Unfortunately Jane wasn't at the office for the big reveal, but it's almost more impactful in photos. [You are brilliant. --Jane]

The Conclusion

I told Jane that the skin parade had been one big boundary-testing experiment and asked her what she had thought.

"I noticed, but I didn't think anything of it," she said about my corset. "It's not that different from your other tops."

"It wasn't that big of a deal," she added, about my nude bra and vest combo.

Clearly Jane stands by "let them go topless" and so do I. Should this be xoJane's long-awaited new tagline?

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