Post-Christmas Depression Antidote: Let's Talk Presents!

Publish date:
December 26, 2011
presents, Christmas, depression, phoning it in

Guys, I'm not really working. I'm technically off. Our offices are closed! But as anyone who knows me is aware of, I am a very busy and important person who must never stop working or the Internet will surely crumble around us all.

Plus, while I am personally elated that the season of stress, family drama and binge eating is almost over (you can expect a few days of residual unpleasantness), I have heard that there is this thing called Day After Christmas Depression. I can't stand to think of any of you, my little dumplings, suffering from such a depression, signing on to in search of comfort, and finding NOTHING HERE. How tragic that would be!

So I'm throwing up a few articles here and there, including this one, which I will designate as a forum for any errant depressed xoJaners to discuss our respective Christmases.

And what better to cheer us all than a shameless discussion of our recently aquired loot. In true lock-it-down style, my boyfriend (whom I spent the holiday with solo) showered me with awesome presents. Every year we set a monetary limit on gifts and every year Pete finds a way to get around it, by insisting that he thought the limit applied to each individual gift instead of the total, or by saying the most expensive gifts are from the cat. (Jimbo is an extremely generous gifter.)

I got: The above Christmas jammies (still wearing them), a couple of penguin mugs, a gift certificate for a massage and facial at Bliss Spa, a cut and color at my salon, a dress, a book, a lock box for my sex toys, a shoe organizer and a Kate Spade pen necklace.

All that STUFF is making me feel pretty good about myself, especially since I plan to schedule my spa day and hair cut as soon as possible. I'm planning on asking for this shade of red unless you guys totally freak out and tell me not to.

What about you? Is the sheer joy of commercialism keeping you buoyant post-Christmas? What did you get? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME! Please, I feel purposeless and alone without you.