RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Let's Get Poppin' With Popcorn

How do you top your pop?
Publish date:
February 3, 2016
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Hello my little darlings, and welcome back to another sticky sweet installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week I was bowled over by all of your recipes for delicious and nutritious bowls. You guys did such a good job, I had a hard time tearing myself away from your tasty comments.

The winning recipe was a rich, meaty, tasty pile of deliciousness, all topped with an egg. Brought to us by the lovely cielle, this bowl has it all.

Gnocchi carnitas breakfast bowl:1 bag trader joes sweet potato gnocchi1 package trader joes carnitas (pulled pork is a fine sub as long as its not covered in bbq sauce.)1 bag baby spinacheggsCrema Mexicana (sub regular sour cream if necessary)cotija cheese (enough to crumble on top of bowls)

Heat gnocchi according to instructions on bag. Heat carnitas in microwave or non stick pan until hot, bonus if they get a little crispyPoach 1 egg per bowl fill bottom third of bowl with gnocchi. Top with liberal handful of spinach. Top spinach with carnitas (aprox 1/3 cup per bowl or to taste) and poached egg. Drizzle with crema mexicana and crumble cotija cheese over top. I like to pair this with a tropical fruit mimosa.

I was little worried that the combo of gnocchi/carnitas/egg might be a little overwhelming, but the fresh spinach and salt cheese help to break up all of the richness. I never would have thought to let gnocchi be the base of a bowl, but its carby magnificence lent itself quite well to the dish.

Oh, and I know the recipe said "poached" but I was really feeling a fried egg with crispy edges.

As with any bowl, it's all about getting that perfect bite with a bit of everything on the fork. (Though it's a messy bite, tbh.)

This bowl of wonder gets a wonderful trophy, and that trophy is "Happy" by The Rolling Stones, because I've been listening to Exile on Main Street, reading Keith's autobio, and also this bowl makes just me really happy.

Moving on to our next topic, I'm feeling snacky, and popcorn is a perfect snack. Like a blank canvas, popcorn can be accentuated with all sorts of seasonings, spices, and salts. You can keep it savory, sweeten it up, or you could just pile a mountain of cheese on top. (Chives are optional.)

Some of my favorite popcorn combinations include buttered with M&M's mixed in, olive oil with garlic salt, and popped in sesame and dipped (yes dipped) in soy sauce. (Oh, and nutritional yeast, let's not forget that.) There are literally thousands of potential combinations, and I know you guys must have some killer recommendations for popping corn toppings.

So let's not wasted any more time with idle chatter. Let's get to poppin'!