POLL: Should We Continue To Recognize Top Commenters?

Are you gonna cry about it?
Publish date:
April 19, 2012

When I saw my weekly Saturday post announcing the Compelling Comment of the Week had 100+ comments, I knew that you probably weren't reacting to the fabulous virtual trophy I selected, but, more likely, you were talking about the explanation of these new-fangled Disqus banners:

We get it. A lot of you hate it. We like the idea of recognizing the folks that make up the community of regular commenters here -- you peeps truly have taken this space and created a supportive, hilarious little world. And, someone pointed out, you can see Disqus rankings anyway.

Tell me! I just wanna make you happy.

So please take a moment to vote on this issue, and if you want to expand or have more ideas, please do what you do best and leave a comment. [By the way, if we keep it, we are planning to switch the title weekly -- or semi-randomly -- to other effusive shout-outs of praise like Top Slunt. --Jane]

In a few days, I'll take the results of this poll and the comments here, and I'll meet with Jane and everyone here and we'll decide what to do. Because we love you!