Color Away Election Season Stress with These Candidate Coloring Pages

Just write "ZODIAC KILLER" across Ted Cruz's face and put it on the fridge.
Publish date:
April 25, 2016
HIllary Clinton, 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Coloring Books, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders

I’ll admit it, I haven’t quite gotten into the whole adult coloring book thing. I own two: a Harry Potter one which my mother bought me for Christmas, and the Advanced Style Coloring Book. I have colored in a small portion of one page of the Harry Potter one. I did not find it soothing. This may be because the idea of coloring outside of the lines causes me anxiety, or it may be because I never learned how to hold a pencil correctly, which causes my hand to cramp up, but either way, it just wasn’t super cathartic.

However, these candidate coloring pages might be a different story. It's no secret that this election cycle has been particularly trying (and scary) and what better way to relieve your politically charged stress than scribble all over the face of your least favorite candidate? I guess you could also lovingly color in the beatific face of your fave nominee, but I'd rather just write ZODIAC KILLER across Ted Cruz's face and tack it up on the fridge.

But maybe you have different plans. Maybe you'd like to put a bird on Bernie, and depict him as a kindly, Disney princess-like force of good. I can't draw birds, so I'd probably just put bird stickers all over the page. You could also color in his glasses and give him some sweet shades, but that's just an idea.

Maybe you wish you were BFF's with Hillary, and would rather draw your own, smiling face peeking out from behind her shoulder, or maybe portraiture isn't your thing, and you'd rather just draw a BBF heart necklace in there. You have a lot of options to be honest, but I mostly can't wait to pick the perfect shade of blonde for her hair.

I don't think anyone here is going to be doing an kind coloring to these last two, but that's okay. Like I mentioned earlier, I think coloring in your least favorite candidate is probably far more therapeutic than coloring your favorite. Just writing "ZODIAC KILLER" across Cruz's creepy, pinched visage gave me great relief. I think it may have even eased my hangover a bit. Other ideas for Ted's face include errant boogers and tears of blood, but I'm not going to tell you what to do with your art.

So with this last one, you may need to skip the crayons altogether and just set it on fire. Actually, you can print out as many of these as you want, so maybe burn a few and then take the thickest, blackest Sharpie you can find and methodically fill the whole page with dark, dark ink.

I will say, I really appreciate the artist's choice of facial expression for Drumph. "Smugly constipated" is what I'd call it, if I had to call it something.

You can see some already colored versions that Caitlin did on the xoJane Facebook page, and download the set there too.

So go at it. Just print 'em out, color 'em in, and let go of your election-based woes. What plans do you have for yours? I'm just gonna stick with my whole "ZODIAC KILLER" thing. It's really enjoyable.