Our Writers Reveal Their Favourite xoJaneUK Articles That Aren't By Them

The xoJaneUK writers choose their favourite articles by their fellow contributors from the past few months...
Publish date:
December 31, 2012

Allan MottOf all the great articles that went up over the year, none made me laugh harder than this piece by Rebecca about her almost being killed by her cleaning lady. “It’s a rescue unicorn” is probably one of the funniest single lines I’ve read in ages.

SiamPosts that weren’t by me? Eh? He he, no really, xoJane UK has totally changed my internet reading habits. It’s like a black hole – I click on to have a quick scan and see what’s going on and emerge three hours later with five posts on my facebook wall with the tagline ‘YOU HAVE TO READ THIS’.

I can’t possibly pick an ultimate favourite post, but a few posts I’ve really enjoyed (in no particular order) have been… Amy on Poundland (because I heart it too), Danielle’s IHTM about her mum getting stoned (actual lols), Rebecca’s post about her holiday (because I’m incredibly nosey), Phoebe’s OOT on Glenn Danzig (because I think it’s really weird she fancies him!), and, and… too many more to mention *head explodes*

DaniStevie's Mooncup. I'm sticking to Tesco's own brand Lilets though thanks. Rinsing out your period in a sink (vom) just isn't for me!

Squeamish KateI don't know! Obviously I like them all... Out of recent posts I think it's Robyn's It Happened To Me: I was housebound with agoraphobia

OliviaAlisande's series on Irish abortion laws. Sort of changed my life.

SallyI loved Stevie’s ‘EXCLUSIVE XOJANE INVESTIGATION: A Guide To Men’s Toilet Etiquette’ just because it’s right up my street (and through a door, into the urinals - aka Man Narnia.)

StevieLoved Robyn Wilder's extreme dietry. I also really enjoyed the We Rock Hardcore feature Alisande did.

HattiePretty much anything Robyn writes makes me laugh out loud and forever. Oh and Ashley's thing about no-one believing he's straight.

AlisandeI think Beauty in Sobriety, the post Olivia wrote that talked about her treatment for addiction and how her love of beauty products helped, was really beautifully written and gave a huge insight into the reality of living with the disease.

More recently, Becca’s piece about Growing up on Benefits did an excellent job of debating the issue, and showing the effects the benefit system can have on people’s lives, while Robyn’s piece about her recovery from agoraphobia was not only a great read but also a very brave and frank account of an illness that’s far more common than people might realise. All are the kind of pieces that I’d like the UK site to become known for.

PhoebeFor me it's a toss up between Robyn's extreme dietry series which was fascinating, funny and moving in equal measure, and more recently Rivkie's piece on the reality of plus size modelling which gave a real insight into an aspect of the fashion industry I hadn't known anything about before.

Now tell us YOUR favourites! Which xoJaneUK article has moved you the most since we launched back in June, or alternatively which made you snort tea through your nose with laughter?