Were Your #FirstSevenJobs More Soul-Crushing/Awesome/Fulfilling Than Ours?

Our #FirstSevenJobs were 50 percent absurd and 80 percent minimum wage.
Publish date:
August 11, 2016
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Have you seen that hashtag making its way around social media where you're supposed to list your first seven jobs? Dan made us do it over Slack (and with all of our sales and food-service jobs, we're realizing we could basically run a catering company).

Jane didn't think it was worthy of a post, but we're sharing our lists anyway as an experiment, basically because we want to prove Jane wrong. Tell us if you agree or disagree with Jane in the comments, and list your first seven jobs here too, because that's really what we want to know.


1. Nanny (fancy Park Slope families)

2. College tutor/TA (Hollins University)

3. Diversity hire/"Floor Model" (Abercrombie & Fitch)

4. English 101 instructor (University of Cincinnati)

5. Photographer assistant (Rachel Hanel Photography)

6. Sales associate (Anthropologie)

7. Assistant editor (YesYes Books)


1. Jewelry store salesperson (I was 15 and racking up insane commissions from early-50s rich suburban moms)

2. Day spa front desk assistant

3. Baker/cake decorator

4. PR assistant (I wrote pitches for hemorrhoid wipes!)

5. Marketing coordinator

6. Social media coordinator

7. Social media editor at xoJane!!


1. Brooks Brothers (I know!)

2. Ruby Tuesday (I used to gorge myself on Buffalo chicken tenders)

3. Fancy restaurant in NJ that no longer exists

4. Seventeen magazine

5. Alloy Media & Marketing

6. Latina Magazine

7. Teen Vogue


1. Babysitter (soooo much babysitting; I didn’t even like kids, and yet)

2. Associate at TJ Maxx (I started in the fitting room and re-buttoned a LOT of buttons)

3. Server at a casual-dining restaurant that no longer exists (I spilled tea on a guy on Father’s Day, and it haunts me still)

4. Intern (paid!) at Men's Health magazine (yes, I wrote about abs)

5. Editorial assistant at First for Women magazine

6. Publicity associate at a big publishing house (I learned romance novel authors are the nicest people EVER)

7. Copy chief at Men's Journal magazine


1. Sales associate at TJ Maxx (the gray vests we had to wear were… ugh)

2. Sales associate at a mall store that gave teenage boys the opportunity to dress like surfers even if they lived in a landlocked state

3. Sales associate at an independently owned gift shop

4. Sales associate at Baby Gap (this is probably when the seeds of desire to not have children were planted)

5. Sales associate at Lids, the baseball cap store (I have a clear memory of hearing Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” for the first time there)

6. Sales associate at the Florida State University Greek shop (fraternity and sorority crap)

7. Assistant at a modeling agency (because fuck retail)