OPEN THREAD: What's Your Favorite Britney Spears Thing?

Britney's got songs. Britney's got music videos. Britney has like 864 perfumes. What are your favorites?
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November 15, 2013
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Today's Open Thread is about all things Britney. Cat Marnell wrote about Britney's perfumes (and a concert) years ago for this very website. After the article was published, the PR team repping her fragrances sent around three bottles of each fragrance. There are still a few bottles floating around the beauty closet; Annie used a bottle of Radiance in an xoVain post as recently as yesterday.

Cat gave me Curious and I still wear it often. Erica, one my best friends in college, wore Curious our freshman year. To me, it smells of innocence, "Grey's Anatomy," and newness (the start of college, the start of this job). It's my favorite Britney scent. My second fave is Hidden Fantasy; I keep it on my desk at work. Cat's fave was Midnight Fantasy. Of that particular scent, Cat recommended the following, "Get it, worship it, spray it all over yourself and your dog. If you don’t have a dog, spray it all over your father."

My favorite Britney video is "Oops!... I Did It Again."

My favorite Britney song ever is "Toxic" and I really enjoy "Work Bitch." I appreciate that the word "bitch" is apparently a part of the Britney brand.

What is your favorite Britney song, video, and perfume? Are you looking forward to her new album?