Open Thread: What's Your Backup Plan?

Maybe it's buying a farm. Maybe it's opening a women's shelter. Maybe it's moving to Alabama or marrying your first love. So many backup options, so little time! What are yours?
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September 28, 2013
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Everyone has some kind of backup plan. Don't they? Even if it's unconscious! Even if it's secret! Even if it's just sheer, outrageous fantasy!

Maybe it's a job (or a skill) you know you can fall back on if your current gig goes kaput. Maybe it's a job you've never tried, but just KNOW you'd be good at -- a passion you've never fully explored. Maybe it's an ex you dated 10 years ago -- the one you secretly keep ever-so-dimly lit on your back burner, some sick part of you knowing you can heat that shit up when or if you decide you need that kind of stable, settled, lovely love again.

Or maybe it's a place -- the hometown you've always harbored crazy mixed feelings for (despite all the bullshit it put you through growing up) or the big city you've always longed for (but never quite worked up the nerve or the money to escape to).

I have multiple backup plans. How many of these are likely to happen is totally unclear. Here are a few:

  • Moving to Utah to work at Best Friends Animal Society. This is a secret fantasy I've harbored for years and years. I haven't had a chance to even visit Best Friends yet, but I'm dying to. It's the biggest animal sanctuary in the country, and they have such sprawling, amazing facilities, and the people who work there seem SO SO cool (ever watch "Dogtown"?) and they get to work with furry rescued creatures all the livelong day. Also, the idea of moving to the middle-of-nowhere desert in Kanaab, Utah, is actually somewhat appealing, but I'm not totally sure why. I really hope I get to do this one day -- even if it's just a visit or a volunteering trip.
  • Moving back home: I've been thinking seriously about moving back to the East Coast for years now. It might actually happen one of these days, as I'm pondering moving back to the place I grew up (Washington, DC) -- at least for a while.
  • Becoming a singer in a Smiths cover band. Enough said. This is another one I've been fantasizing about for years, but for some reason it's never happened yet. Probably because I'm way too shy and nervous to ever sing onstage in front of people? Oh, yeah, there's that. Regardless, there NEEDS to be a Smiths/Morrissey cover band with a female singer, because WHY ISN'T THERE ALREADY?!
  • Opening an animal shelter -- I.e., turning my house into a rescue haven for abused, neglected or stray critters. This would be so much work (and the grunt work aspects of it sound so daunting -- cleaning hundreds of litter boxes? ugh, no, thank you) but so fulfilling!

What's your backup plan? (Or plans?) Spill it in the comments, please!

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