OPEN THREAD: Your Favorite Celebrity Sightings! Let's Go. I Have Some.

Two words: Ryan Gosling (I know). I've got others, too. Let's hear yours, please!
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August 18, 2013
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When I lived in NYC/Brooklyn after college ('99-'05 represent) I used to keep a list of all the famous people I'd see out and about. My list was long -- somehow I managed to spot more celebrities than anyone I knew. In NYC, their lives merge and interweave so seamlessly with the plebian everyday Jill Schmills, you get used to spotting them everywhere, no big deal. Except it actually kind of WAS a big deal. I mean, not really -- not in any important way -- but it was just a quickie mini-thrill, feeling that spark of recognition and then going "ZOMG wtf holy hell help me that's Ryan Gosling and he's standing five feet away ack ack ackkkk!"That's a true story, by the way. (Jealous?) A few years ago, I was visiting friends in NY when my friend Danielle and I spotted good old Ryan G. hovering just a few steps behind us on Avenue A. Ryan was with his dog (aw) and a male friend, and they looked right at us, and then they either purposefully followed us or, um, happened to walk right behind us (this depends on your level of sanity / grip on reality) for 2 straight blocks as we completely freaked out to each other in hushed tones. Oh and I've gotta add: I made eye contact with him, you guys. And he desperately wanted to sleep with me -- it was beyond obvious.

Other fun sightings: Liv Tyler, one of my youthful celebrity girl-crushes, like 40 times, all around the city (I overheard her talking to good old Papa Steven on her cellphone once!); Ben Affleck and Gwyneth P. sitting 2 rows ahead of my roommates and me at a play -- the then-lovebirds forgot their umbrella and my roommate snagged it and kept it; Julia Roberts, nearly unrecognizable, dressed way down (sweats, hair up in a baseball cap) on Broome Street a zillion years ago; Bjork shopping at Mini Mini Market in Williamsburg; Lenny Kravitz getting out of a fancy car with a mini entourage in Soho (he's a surprisingly small man); Chloe Sevigny looking icy cool and remote (of course) as she bustled past me at Union Square...

Now: your turn. Who have you spotted? Spill the goods, if you please.