OPEN THREAD: What Tiny Changes Have You Made To Your Home (That Have Made Huge Differences)?

When it comes to creating a home, it's all in the details.
Publish date:
September 4, 2013
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Inspired in part by Gabi's Grown-Ass Lady Apartment DIY article yesterday, I bring you today's Open Thread. Let's talk aboutsmall, easy, quick, and/or cheap changes, fixes or upgrades you've made in your home that have made a big difference in your Home Satisfaction Factor™.

I'll begin. This cheapy Ikea dresser cost me $99 and has served me pretty well despite the fact that I put it together wrong and there's a backwards particle-board-exposing piece. This is dumb, but I still haven't fixed that with some white paint. I know. I just don't think it looks that bad.

Moving on to the point, the black plastic knobs it came with kept screwing out with daily use and just didn't look or feel awesome. I upgraded my humble Hemnes with these treated seashell drawer pulls I picked up down the Jersey Shore a few weeks ago. They were $8 each (which is undeniably highway robbery), but I love them and the gimmicky seaside shop I bought them at was magical to me.

And this is what I'm talking about. This was an easy, under $50 change, and every time I look at my dresser I get happy, and reflect fondly on the really fun and relaxing girls' weekend I had the Shore.

Tell me: What tiny changes have you made to your home or to a piece of furniture that have made you feel super satisfied or happier?