OPEN THREAD: What Weird Things Do You Find Satisfying?

For me, it's plucking, Q-Tips, and cold air in my face. What are the weirdly satisfying little things that make your life decent?
Publish date:
August 17, 2013
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While plucking a stubborn errant hair the other day, I realized just how much I love tweezing. Why the hell is it so fun?! It hurts (slightly), but the satisfaction of successfully grabbing and yanking out a lone rebel hair -- BY ITS ROOT!!! -- more than makes up for the momentary discomfort. Also, after I pluck a hair, I have a ritual where I pull it from the tweezers' tip and examine it carefully; the most crucial factor is that I can see the hair's tiny white bulb at the end. NO IDEA why this is such a vital part of my tweezing routine, but it is. This means rush plucks are a no-go -- I MUST SEE AND FASTIDIOUSLY EVALUATE THE ROOT BULB THING, OR IT'S LIKE THE PLUCKING DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN.Of course, I also dabble in picking. (Who doesn't?) I have skin issues that are exacerbated by it, but I can't seem to stop myself from The Pick. Again, I don't fully understand the (possibly disturbing?) underlying reasons for this, but I assure you, there's no other kind of relief quite like successfully picking a patch of dead skin or a blister or something. I know it's not good for my skin, so I take precautions before laying hands to face. I know it's a bit gross, too, but it's also just ... PURE, FREE GOOD TIMES. I'm sorry.Mulling this stuff over, I began to think about other activities/experiences I find strangely, inexplicably satisfying or calming, like the moment an airplane's wheels touch the ground during landing; the theme song to "Law & Order" (it's now my ring tone!); using a Q-Tip in my ear (carefully, I swear) right after getting out of the shower; rubbing my feet together while I'm in bed (?); rolling down the car window when it's super-cold and wintry out; and oh God there are plenty more that I'm totally forgetting right now.

But I want to hear about YOUR favorite strangely satisfying/calming things or experiences. Post them below and feel free to get as weird as you want. I'm impossible to shock.