Open Thread: What Is Your Favorite Show On TV Right Now -- And Do You Have Any Questions For "Nashville" Creator Callie Khouri?

Is this a thinly veiled request for you to schedule my DVR? Maybe.
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September 5, 2013
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This is a two-part open thread, folks.

I'm very curious as to what your favorite show is on TV right now. If you can't choose, hell, give me five. I'll go first.

  1. "Breaking Bad"
  2. "House of Cards"
  3. "Orange Is The New Black"
  4. "Inside Amy Schumer"
  5. "The League"

Honorable Mentions: "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," "Maron," "Louie," and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Wait, I have only one scripted drama on actual network TV on this list? Yeah, I definitely need your suggestions. I tend to go on Netflix binges instead ("Revenge," "Law & Order," "The Killing," "Undeclared").

Incidentally, I have seen several episodes of the wonderful "Nashville," which was created by the brilliant Callie Khouri, and she has generously agreed to answer a few of the questions that we have for her (I will update the thread next week with her answers!). But I feel like there are more hard-core "Nashville" fans out there than me, so I wanted to give readers the opportunity to ask questions instead of just using mine.

(That said, if you don't have any questions, I'll just give her mine -- but I'm sure you have better ones. What I was going to ask her: What songs are we going to see in the new season? Does she ever incorporate lessons learned from "Thelma & Louise" into her work on "Nashville"? Does she consider the show feminist? Does she ever fight with her husband T-Bone Burnett when he's selecting music for the show? What is her favorite moment thus far in the first season? Does she consider it a soap opera? How much of the plot is based on real-life tabloid fixtures? Please, give me better questions than these!)

Shoot away with your TV show recommendations -- and questions for Callie if you have any. I'll write a new post next week with her answers.

Also: Related to your favorite show (or shows), is there one that you love so much you've actually watched over and over? I'm on my third viewing of "House of Cards." I know, I have a problem.

OK, go. Let's set our DVRs -- together!


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