OPEN THREAD: What Is Your FAVORITE Fall-Themed Food? (Pumpkin-Based Or Otherwise)

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September 17, 2013
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They say the world is comprised of two types of people: those who love candy corn, and those who are TERRIBLE.

I'm kidding. That said, candy corn is a pretty divisive issue, in my experience. I'm mostly into it myself, but only in its original corn-form.

But anyway, it got me thinking: fall is a weird time for food, isn't it? Halloween is a major contributor to this, as come September 1, all the stores start stocking up on candy even though I have never met anyone who buys Halloween candy that far in advance with any expectation of saving it for actual Halloween. I mean ALREADY you can't take three steps in a Target without tripping over a pallet of the aforementioned candy corn, and Halloween is still six weeks away.

Also, suddenly everything is pumpkin-flavored. Massachusetts' unofficial state mascot Dunkin Donuts starts offering their limited-edition seasonal pumpkinized coffee concoctions and everyone I know is freaking out because PUMPKIN COFFEE PRODUCTS = FALL, and fall is those three blissful months in which New Englanders pretend they like their climate, until winter comes and all they do is bitch about the weather and bitch about other people bitching about the weather.

I primarily associate fall with apples and apple-picking, because even though I've lived up here for fifteen years now, the sight of APPLES growing on TREES is still magical and bizarre. And several years ago, I stopped at this little ice cream stand wedged between two buildings in Salem, and had the best freshly-made pumpkin ice cream imaginable, probably served to me by an ice cream witch (this is entirely likely, in Salem), but I have never found that stand again and am more and more convinced that I met a ghost who made me ghost ice cream, and it was so ectoplasmically delicious I will never find its like again.

My point being, in spite of my general affinity for food, I've never been one of the people going YAY PUMPKIN LATTES, and running down all the fall-themed pumpkin/spice/corn products like I will never live to see another autumn, and I worry this is creating a social divide between me and my neighbors.

Am I missing out? What is your favorite fall-themed food product, be it wrought by Starbucks or in your own kitchen? What do you look forward to every year? I'm willing to learn.