OPEN THREAD: What Toy Did You Long For When You Were a Kid?

I don't know if it was a simpler time, or if I was just a simpler child, but I was obsessed with Twister.
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November 16, 2015
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Twister, puppets, and the Super Soaker just got inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Did you know there was a Toy Hall of Fame? I'd like to imagine that it's a stately hall lined with gilded frame portraits of Dame Easy-Bake Oven and Sir Jack-in-the-Box.

Says The Washington Post,"Anyone can nominate a toy for hall inclusion. But to be inducted, they must have survived the test of time, be widely recognized and foster learning, creativity or discovery through play."

Super Soakers were fun, and I kind-of-sort-of have a masters degree involving puppetry, but TWISTER, man. I LOVED TWISTER.

I don't know if it was a simpler time, or if I was just a simpler child, but boy-oh-boy was I obsessed with Twister.

My cousin Lisa got it as a birthday present one year, and long after she tired of playing it, I'd unfold the giant, plastic board and try to play it BY MYSELF. Trying to put "left hand on red" while attempting to spin the color wheel for my next move resulted in bunches of bruises and a sprained pinky finger.

My parents refused to buy their bumbling child her own game for months after the pinky incident, but FINALLY that Christmas I was given a Twister of my very own (I think my cousins might have given me theirs to rid themselves of liability).

For a while I coerced everyone into playing with me, but that got old real quick. Eventually, I gave up and used the Twister board as a makeshift sled that winter. Like you do.

Sliding down a snowy hill wrapped in a polka dotted, plastic sheet, I tore a big hole in my Twister board, bruised my butt, and the game was no more. The Hung family joined in a chorus of "Thank God that's over," and Twister went to that great big toy box in the sky.

I'm just happy my old friend is getting the recognition she deserves now.

What toy did you BEG for when you were a kid? What was that one toy that you knew would complete your life and finally make it worthwhile? Did anybody else love Twister? Just me?