Open Thread: Let's Talk Holiday Traditions (Or Lack Thereof)

What cozy (or crazy) routines do you find yourself repeating over and over this time of year?
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December 20, 2013
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Christmas will be here in less than a week, and I'm getting really excited ... about the food.

You see, the biggest running theme with my family during this time of year is what we eat.

There's the crazy spread of hors d'oeuvres on Christmas Eve (see below), usually featuring a zillion different types of cuisine. Taco dip? Yep. Spanakopita? Of course. Spring rolls? Naturally. We gorge ourselves on as many snacks as possible while wrapping gifts, because for some reason the night before seems like the best time to wrap until the sun comes up.

Eventually, I'll put on my brand new pajamas before passing out. This year, I picked up a blue silk set from Joe Fresh that I'm not allowed to wear until the night of the 24th.

But back to the food! After opening presents on Christmas morning, we have our traditional breakfast, with my mom's homemade quiches and cranberry loaf, and some good old McDonald's-style hash browns. My mom suggested we try something other than quiche this year and I sternly told her no. I need my egg pie after opening presents for hours! It takes a lot out of you.

Eventually I find a couch to curl up on and conk out until dinner is ready, which regularly features my mom's fantastic stuffing. Seriously, anyone who thinks that boxed stuff is stuffing needs to check their head.

Enough about me though. I want to hear about your holiday traditions, be they for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or anything in between. The crazier the better. Or you could just show me pictures of food?