OPEN THREAD: What's Your "Personal Brand"?

In other words, what is the tagline to your biopic?
Publish date:
June 26, 2014
open thread, personal brand

Emily is in a pretty awesome mood right now. She’s been leaning back in her chair all day smiling at me and telling me that I look pretty. That is a bit of a lie.


She leaned back a few seconds ago and asked “What's your personal brand?”

It took about three seconds to reply with “Sloppy but Sophisticated.” To give you a little context, I was interrupted by Emily’s question while I was trying to take a decent selfie of the cheddar cheese kale chip crumbs in my cleavage.

Naturally, I had to ask Emily.

“How would YOU describe your personal brand?”


She's quick, that one. Next, I had to ask the queen of self-branding Mandy and obviously her answer was pretty classy:

“I strive to be authentic and risk taking.”

Honestly, this was inspired by a PR pitch. Emily was actually just reading out loud when I answered her, I'm still not sure if she was talking to me directly or not. Whatever though, I want to hear from YOU. In about 10 words or less, how would you describe your personal brand? Put it in the comments below! You can also use pictures or memes if you want. Just an idea.