OPEN THREAD: Can I See Your Weird Things Please?

This article has nothing to do with Halloween.
Publish date:
October 31, 2013
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It's Halloween, so you know...costumes etc are happening. The popular thing to do right now would be to ask you about said costumes because that's what the Internet is doing today.

But you see, I'm an ornery little contrarian who thinks being a pain in the ass makes me special. We are not going to acknowledge what everybody else is today in this thread because we are INDIVIDUALS. Right, friends? RIGHT?

Instead we will talk about something completely different.

I have this thing on my desk that everybody hates. Once Corynne tried to make me take it home because it freaked her out so much. But I love it so I keep it around. It is this:

BEHOLD! The Banana Bunker!

This contraption is made for commuters who LOVE the potassium rich superfruit. It's a big bummer when you leave the house with a beautiful yellow fruit and when you get to work and your naner looks like it got into a bar fight. NOT WITH THE BANANA BUNKER. It keeps my bananas totally healthy and that's why I love it. Also, it looks like a dildo.

So, what are your weirdo gadgets? What are those awesome things that are totally useless but you can't live without!?

Let me see! I want links! I wanna see pics! I'm a visual person and I want to know about your lives! No cool gadgets? That's fine! Find one here!