OPEN THREAD: Are You A Sunshine Baby Or Cave Dweller?

Choose your side.
Publish date:
September 9, 2013
open thread, weather, sunshine

I'm really tired, I'm sure you can see that from the headline I just wrote.

The seasons are changing and I am really excited about that. I am not a fan of summer. Like, at all. Once in high school I went to Memphis in August with my boyfriend and I practically fainted on the historical microphone that Elvis sang into because my frail little half-Swedish body said "Nope, I don't do walking tours in 100-degree weather."

I really REALLY still regret never getting a photograph behind Elvis's microphone. I didn't even touch it. I was too faint-y.

That said, it is starting to get cold here in NYC and everybody seems to have strong opinions about summer being over. Like either people are getting severely depressed or they are orgasmically unstuffing their sweaters box.

Then, I realized that people fall into two categories: Sunshine Babies and Cave Dwellers.

I am obviously a Cave Dweller and if you have read anything I have written thus far, you should know that already.

Sunshine Babies are exactly what they sound like. They can be found in direct sunlight, stoned on vitamin D, gurgling positivity. I love Sunshine Babies. Madeline is a Sunshine Baby and I need her bright sunshine-y demeanor to even out my icy glowing UGH-ness. That is how it works.

Sunshine Babies and Cave Dwellers need each other, but everybody has to pick a side. Tell me, what's yours?