OBSESSED WITH: Sharpie '80s Glam Collection Markers!

My stupid graffiti friends will not be allowed to f**king TOUCH these! I am being serious.
Publish date:
August 29, 2011
shoppables, 80s, graffiti, Sharpies, markers

Is there anything more wildly delightful than a Sharpie? YES, and it’s a bunch of Sharpies in limited edition ‘80s-inspired shades: Jellie Pink, Leg Warmer Orange, Banana Clip Yellow, Argyle Green, and my (duh) favorite, Valley Girl Violet.

The whole pack costs like less than $7 or something, and I know this because I Googled the whole thing vaguely and looked at the price and now I forget the price again, but I’m pretty sure it was under $7. In the time it took to write all that I could have looked it up for you, but no one ever said being ME was practical.

Oh, look, here they are on Amazon for $4.29. Mystery solved! You're welcome in advance.

These are the kinds of markers that my best male friends, who are all graffiti writers (what up SAME, SHAUN RFC, REMO, etc.!), would totally try to steal! You should see how crazy they are when they come over to my house: graffiti writers have to be compulsively writing all over everything, at all times. They all know that if they write on my magazines (of course I hoard European fashion magazines), they are DEAD. I’m ridiculously mama bear-scary when it comes to my magazines. So I’m told.

My birthday is on September 10th and I’m thinking of having a big picnic in Central Park and handing out goody bags! This is totally the perfect party favor, non? And what else should I put in there? Remember, this is me we’re talking about, so think edgy. xo