The Absolute Best Glittery, Shiny Rainbow-in-a-Bottle Nail Polishes From a Beauty Blogger

Holos. Flakies. Glitters. Glass fleck. Women are buying nail polishes like these with a quickness.
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January 12, 2012
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How did it come to this?

In college I was the girl with raggedy chipped black nail polish, if any at all.

When I graduated and got my first job I was finally able to indulge the small luxuries I couldn’t afford before. Spas, shopping and mani/pedi dates -- all that stuff. And then I began a beauty blog.

These days I find myself feeling all embarrassed whenever my manicure gets too raggedy. So I’m always looking for the hottest nail polish out there. Now it’s all glitter everything!

I’ve become absolutely obsessed with the sparkly stuff over the last few years. I love neons and jelly polishes and unusual colors. And I’m not the only one -- if you read popular nail blogs like Scrangie, Vampy Varnish, Clumps of Mascara or All Lacquered Up you’ll see for yourself.

Holos. Flakies. Glitters. Glass fleck. Women are buying sparkly, shiny, rainbow-in-a-bottle nail polishes like these with a quickness. Some of them cost a cool buck ninety nine at the drugstore and cult classics are selling for stupid expensive prices on eBay.

Paint the rainbow with me and I'll tell you about the fabulous flakie polishes I’ve been most obsessed with!

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

No, not the new one. The original! In 2010, Sally Hansen released a magical bottle of polish and it seems like within seconds it was totally gone from every store shelf in America. The original Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Hidden Treasure was a flake glitter polish that gave nails a gorgeous opalescent shine on its own, but really popped when painted over a darker hue. The problem is, this was one of the most coveted shades of 2010 and now Sally Hansen’s gone and released a totally different color with the same name. Don’t be fooled! 2012 is nothing like 2010.

Nubar 2010

This polish officially began my flakie obsession. From the minute I saw Nubar 2010 make its rounds on the nail blogs, I wanted, I needed it, I HAD TO HAVE IT. And then it sold out. I eventually managed to get a bottle on eBay for a normal price after the craze had died down. Was it worth it? Sweet mother of God, yes. When I layer a coat or two of Nubar 2010 over black polish, it gives me flashes of gold, green, red and orange fierceness. It makes a great top coat and is guaranteed to make all your dark polishes that much more interesting.

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke

It all began with Clarins 230, a multicolor holographic top coat that became known around the nail blogs as “Unicorn Pee.” A veritable rainbow in a bottle, it’s now selling on eBay for insane prices. We’re talking over $70 here, and I don’t know about y’all, but I will never ever in my life pay that much for nail polish. No sir, no ma’am.

Then London-based nail brand Cult Nails released Unicorn Puke, and for a brief moment in time the polish gods smiled upon me. Unicorn Puke is everything I dreamed of. Purple jelly in the bottle, but on its own it applies almost sheer -- except for all that fabulous glitter flecks! Over darker colors, it lives up to its name. What do you think unicorn puke would look like? Exactly. Super awesome fellow beauty blogger Phyrra gifted me a bottle and I was head over heels the one time I used it…before a certain former street cat from Miami got a hold of it and broke it.

Do you SEE Max’s look of guilt? I was beyond furious. Clean-up was a nightmare.

PS: There's no point in crying over spilled nail polish, and wrapping a broken bottle up with Saran Wrap will only keep it going but for so long. RIP, Unicorn Puke. Luckily for all of us, Cult Nails has re-released Unicorn Puke as Clairvoyant, and it’s available for sale at a relatively normal price. Whew.

Zoya Fleck Effect Collection

Now Zoya has glitter-flecked goodness to layer over your fave polishes! The Fleck Effect collection includes three jelly-like, highly glittery shades. Maisie is a blue clear base with light catching glitter galore. Opal is an almost lime green in the bottle but only leaves a tinge of green on its own. Chloe looks like a neon coral, but gives great flecks of copper, green and gold when you try it. Temptalia broke it all the way down with reviews and swatches if you wanna see what they look like on. These, I plan to keep in a safe place, away from investigative paws.

There are tons more glitter-flecked polishes I’m dying to try -- especially those made by Korean brand Nuf-Oh. Will I ever grow out of the glitter nail stage? I’m gonna go ahead and say, No. Never!