Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursdays: Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck might be the perfect man. Boys with guitars/tattoos/skinny jeans may be nice to look at, but they will always be just that - boys.
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January 31, 2013
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Not Tom Selleck though; he is man through and through.

From the rugged jawline, the ample chest hair (a major requirement with most of my crushes), or possibly most importantly his truly wondrous moustache, it is a challenge to find anything wrong with the man.

He’s one of those actors where you aren’t quite sure where the character ends and he begins. Having played Thomas Magnum in Magnum PI, Richard in Friends and Peter in Three Men and a Baby, he has become (in my head at least) some sort of cop/sexy older man/protector of babies cyborg which is frankly hard to resist. I mean, who WOULDN'T want to have this sung to them when they couldn’t sleep?!

In Friends, he plays an ophthalmologist. I don’t even know what that it but it’s hot. And he’s all hard to tie down and commitment phobic which is less of a deal breaker, more of a challenge (for me at least, unlike Monica. This is ok because Chandler is pretty great too). In Three Men and a Baby, he turned an abandoned baby into a little lady. Seriously. He can do no wrong.

One of my favourite things (other than the topless Bruce Springsteen photo featured in last week’s OOT, which will always have a special place in my heart) is the photo of him emerging from the sea holding a ‘mobile’ phone. I like to think he’s just calling to tell me how great I look today.

I have to stop writing now as the urge to just watch old interviews with him on Youtube is simply too strong.

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