Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursdays! Part VIII: Alex Turner

I never expected this to happen. I never cared before, but it’s true. I fancy Alex Turner.

Is it just me, or has Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame blossomed into a serious hottie?


I was never interested in him during the Alexa years, mainly because he looked about 12 years old and they seemed to have the same hair cut for a while which I found slightly creepy.

His new look got a few subtle nods of approval from me but did you see him at the Olympic opening ceremony? Hello! Those eyes, that jaw! Yes purrrlease.

Get a load of him now! Hot new hair, hot new moves, and years of booze and fags have aged him nicely. 12 no more! Hurrah!!!

And I know this is stating the obvious, but he's in a band which is always sexy, he's cleaver and he reads books!!! I can not resist a boy that reads!

All in all I'm finding my new Alex Turner crush very exciting, my love grows stronger each day.

Also Phoebe thinks so too.

Picture Credit: Rex Images