Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursdays Part IV: Dominic West (and a kitten)

I’ve never actually watched The Wire, preferring the cosy/bloodthirsty worlds of fantasy and period dramas for my box set viewing, but even I recognised Dominic West when I saw him hosting the Spelling Bee at Port Eliot Festival last weekend. He compered what turned into a pretty rowdy spell-off (get a tent-full of authors, readers and publishers together and things inevitably turn ‘competitive’) with charm and some pretty amazing ‘dad dance’ moves.

Dominic West pulling one of many funny faces while compering the Spelling Bee at Port Eliot

Dominic has a fabulously wolfish grin and smiley eyes and oozes charisma. He is also possessed of considerable acting talent and is amazingly versatile, moving between gritty American crime drama, Shakespeare and the clipped, post-war world of The Hour.

Dominic looking suave in The Hour

Wolfish grin = hot.

But more thrilling than all this was Dominic West’s KITTEN, whose acquaintance we made as she frolicked and gamboled among the tents in the gloriously civilised Hotel Bell Tent area at Port Eliot. How can you resist a man who can’t bear to be parted from a tiny feline (ok maybe his kids made him but whatever) so he brings it to a festival?

Dominic West's kitten, who I christened She-Ra

And here's 'She-Ra' attacking Mr Phoebe's hand

"Miaow, purr etc..."

So there you have it, a double whammy OOT featuring a hunky thesp and a kitten – now don’t tell me I don’t ever do anything for you.

Picture Credit: Rex Features