Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursdays XVII: Louis Theroux

He’s the thinking woman’s bit of crumpet, so I’ve shamelessly commandeered him for this week’s OOT.
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November 1, 2012
obnoxiously objectifying thursdays, Louis Theroux, Jimmy Saville

It’s a cliché that women love geeky men, but it’s true. And if the geek in question is an AWARD-WINNING broadcaster who has produced some of my favourite documentaries ever, then even better.

I think I’d fancy Louis Theroux, even if I didn’t fancy him. I mean, he’s pretty easy on the eye, in a disheveled, obviously geeky way, but he’s one of those people who’s definitely hottest when he opens his mouth (not like that, you filth bags).

Like this:

What’s your favourite Louis Theroux episode ever? Mine’s somewhere between the time he met Jimmy Saville (topical) and the time he met the Most Hated Family in America.

The thing about Louis Theroux is, he’s basically Mr Pathos. He can (and does) take some of the most unlikeable, subjects possible, and render them sympathetic. See: Michael and Christine Hamilton.

Although there was also this:

His interview technique is one I’d love to have the balls to adopt – one part bald, disingenuous questioning, one part gentle probing. And it works, he gets answers, and reactions no-one else would from his subject matter.

He got Jimmy Saville to admit that he was basically Patrick Bateman in a shell suit, unveiling some chilling facets of the presenter’s personality which, now we know what we know, make perfect sense.

At the same time, his obvious empathy for (some) of his subjects helps. As does his entirely deadpan delivery and facial expression in the face of total chaos and lunacy.

Take his interview with the Westboro Baptist Church. America’s Most Hated Family are (literally) hateful, yet it’s his obvious empathy towards them, and the humanity that he injects into the situation that gets the most out of him.

Basically, he’s a fantastic journalist, and a true gent with an excellent sense of the absurd. I definitely would.

ALSO, did anyone else not know that Justin Theroux is his cousin, or was it only me who didn't get that memo???

UPDATE: thank you Tory, for this gem: