Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursdays: Glenn Danzig

I’m going to push the boundaries a bit with this week’s OOT subject and hope that there are enough of you out there who, like me, appreciate a longhaired, leather-trousered metal god to support my choice!

Glenn Danzig founded seminal punk band The Misfits, then went on to launch Samhain and Danzig. He’s known as ‘the heavy metal Johnny Cash’ thanks to his deep, crooning baritone (it also reminds me of Elvis, Chris Isaac and Josh Homme). He has MASSIVE arms and amazing sideburns too.

I love this live video for Danzig’s biggest hit, Mother, where you can practically smell the throbbing, sweaty lust emanating from the teenage boys in the crowd – everyone fancies Danzig, even Mr Phoebe - I quote: "I'm proud of my gayness for Danzig". I’ll forgive Glenn for the mesh vest in this clip cos he looks so freakin hot in his skintight black jeans.

I have to say, this is a bit of a 'Pretty in the Past' combined with an 'Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday' because, erm, Glenn doesn't quite look like this anymore. But let's just enjoy him in his meaty-armed, lush-maned heyday shall we?

Now tell me, which metal men do you fancy? Anyone have an inappropriate crush on Lars Ulrich? A soft spot for Dio? A penchant for Lemmy, warts n’ all? (sorry). Share!