Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday Part XIV: Rufus Sewell

Man, I love a tall dark and handsome with cheekbones I could slice cheese off (I also love cheese).

Why hello there Rufus Sewell, was that you winking at me?

Sorry, I just departed into The World In My Head for a few minutes then, but I’m back now.

So, clearly I think Rufus Sewell is totes hot, but let me count the ways, so you don’t just think I’m really shallow and fancy him because of his bone structure.

Personally, my favourite Sewell moment is in A Knight's Tale (posh baddie in armour – FIT). But Phoebe has assured me that he’s also really hot in Italian detective drama Zen (which I can’t get on board with – what does he do all day apart from drink espresso and stare at Vespas and beautiful Italian women? Maybe I’m just jealous that I’m not a Vespa).

Anyway, the other reason I love him, apart from all the brooding, and chain mail is because he’s a proper old-school Shakespearean actor, and I love Shakespearean anything.

I also love a good period romp, particularly if there are dastardly kings involved – so the site of a bewigged Rufus Sewell, scheming and bedding mistresses in Charles II: The Power and the Passion had me all aflutter.

At this point, I was going to include a clip of him romping with Helen McCroy in Charles II, but Phoebe’s just told me that she first fell in love with Rufus (as I like to call him) in Middlemarch.

So here’s a random video featuring various shots of the man himself, in a cravat. To Without Love by Tom Jones. Phoebe, you're welcome.

ALSO: in his latest turn in Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, he manages to make a 5000 year-old chief vampire called Adam both fit and charismatic, despite the fact that he bears all the traditional hallmarks of an ancient bloodsucker on the turn (pallid skin, red-rimmed eyes, you know, blood around the mouth).

God, he’s good.

Rufus, if you fancy catching up over a Pret bakewell tart and a cup of tea sometime, you can reach me on Twitter - @rebecca_hol.