Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday Part XI: Seth Green

Ok this week’s OOT subject is completely self-indulgent (what do you mean they’re always self indulgent?!) because I’m currently watching all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time ever and my internal teenager is completely in love with Seth Green’s character, Oz.

He was a sk8r boi!

He’s a skater! He plays in a band! He has spiky hair and is witty and fancies the geeky Willow! Swooon…*

Seth belongs to a delightful category of mid-90s skater boys, which also includes Breckin Mayer (Travis in Clueless) and Ethan Embry who played Mark in Empire Records. When I think of them, I have All The Young Dudes (Clueless version) in my head and I am 15 again, creepily following some random skater boy round Tower Records in Picadilly Circus.

I always preferred skaters to indie boys because they seemed more straightforward - I had this feeling that behind that thin veneer of 'vulnerability' and Belle and Sebastian records, your average indie boy had the potential to be as sexist as any 'mainstream' boy - controversial, I know! So Oz thinks Willow is cute and tells her "you have the sweetest smile I've ever seen" while the perpetually clammy Xander fawns over Buffy, passively-aggressively keeps Willow on hand just in case and makes out with Cordelia in the closet, all while acting like a wimpy loser. Ugh.**

And because the internet is awesome, some Buffy fan has helpfully compiled a little montage of Oz clips set to one of his band's awesome mid-'90s-sub-Bush tracks. LOOK AT HIS FACE!

Seth reprised his loveable stoner role in the Austin Powers movie's as Dr Evil's son Scott and voices Chris Griffin in Family Guy - basically, he is amazing.

*Don’t spoil it for me, I’m only part way through Season 2.

**See above - I may be talking nonsense, I don't know what happens next!

Picture Credit: Rex Features TM & copyright 20th Century Fox