Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday: Neil Patrick Harris

From now one we're taking OOT to the public vote on Twitter. Shit just got real. PLUS: Win an xoJane UK Oyster card holder!
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January 10, 2013
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So, we’ve decided to change it up a bit with Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday and open it up to the public vote each week.

This week we narrowed it down to three chunks of man hunk, Eric Cantona (Phoebe’s suggestion), Neil Patrick Harris (my idea) mid-era Gerard Depardieu (who we both, inexplicably, have a thing for), before opening it up to a public vote on Twitter.

Neil Patrick Harris, or NPH as he shall henceforth be known, won by a landslide - so lets give the people what they want:

I’ve been a Neil Patrick Harris fan since the Doogie Howser years (I was just at the age when an unthreatening blonde boy genius was right up my strasse), and he definitely makes How I Met Your Mother proper entertaining fare, rather than a mind numbing Friends rip-off.

But in the last few years he's become The Most Awesome Human Being Ever To walk The Planet, and that's why I love him*.

Whether he’s dressing the entire family up, Wizard Of Oz-style for Halloween, being the Best Awards Presenter In The World, Ever, or adorably professing his love for husband David Burtka, NPH can do no wrong.

The February cover of Out magazine featuring the pair (it was the love issue, obvs), made me feel properly jealous of a celebrity relationship in a way that I normally reserve for James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff.

And then there was this:

*It’s not necessarily a romantic love**, because I don’t ever want NPH to split up with David Burtka on my account. Mainly I just want to hang out with NPH, while he cracks HILARIOUS jokes and we occasionally go to fancy dress parties together in matching costumes as great platonic friends. I’ll then stay over and David will make everyone an amazing brunch in the morning. Then we’ll take the kids to the park. Sigh.

**Although I totally would, if the opportunity arose.

Ok, so Tweet us your requests for next week’s Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday with the hashtag #OOT @xojaneuk. Our top three favourites will go to the public vote next Wednesday.

AAAAND, whoever suggests the winner will get an exclusive, fantastic, spectacular xoJane UK Oyster card holder *jazz hands!*