Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday: Jason Clarke

I like my men a little dangerous but still intellectual which is hard to pull off, but he manages in a "I want you to do terrible things to me" way.
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February 21, 2013
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I'm not gonna lie to you guys, my infatuation with Jason Clarke started in a potentially questionable place: Zero Dark Thirty.

Anyone who's seen Zero Dark Thirty (or read a rant about it on the internet) knows that Jason plays Dan, a CIA agent. A CIA agent who tortures terrorists for information on Bin Laden.

So yeah. When I first told my boyfriend I saw the film, and thought "that guy was actually really hot" he replied that he knew I would say that, because he has sex with me regularly and knows what kind of a fucked up person I am.

But hear me out! What attracted me to Jason's character is pretty universal, even if you're in the "all torture is wrong" boat. When we're introduced to Dan, he has been working in the detainee program for years and is quite obviously burnt out, but he perseveres anyway, even when he is making little progress, because he believes it is the only way to protect his country.

One minute he's brutal and ruthless, capable of doing terrible things for his cause, and the next he's likable and obviously just doing the best he can with what he's been given. Jason really makes you feel for this character, who you could easily have disliked. It takes some serious talent to keep you on his side.

After seeing the film, I embarked on some Jason Clarke research. I found out he is in fact Australian although he has always played Americans in American productions. I honestly would have had no idea, his American accent sounds very natural, it was almost shocking to hear him speak with his natural accent.

Hearing Jason talk about his roles it's obvious he really gets into the heads of his characters. He talks about how he was unable to meet the man his character in Zero Dark Thirty was based on, as he is still an active CIA agent. He expressed how much respect he has for the guy and how he filled in the gaps in his character's back story himself.

He sounds extremely passionate about being a part of this film and insistent on treating the story with dignity and honesty. I've dated actors, writers, and musicians before, and having respect for your craft has always been super appealing to me.

There are so many actors you fall in love with on screen only to be completely underwhelmed by their interview presence but I was pleasantly surprised by him. He sounds like he really invests 100% in the parts he plays. While there are some actors who play "tough guy" roles in films who are obviously acting, there is a seething intensity in Jason that makes me really believe him on screen.

Now I'm notoriously attracted to more "interesting looking" men, and Jason is no exception. He easily fits with my "men with larger or more creative noses" fetish, in the good company of Adrian Brody, Liam Neeson, and Vincent Gallo. Plus, his eyes are really amazing.

Also - shocked to find out he was 43 because he wears it so well. This always happens to me though - my first crush was Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and he was pushing 40 when I was like 8 so it's slightly less weird now.

I like my men a little dangerous but still intellectual which is hard to pull off, but Jason manages in a "I want you to do terrible things to me" way. When a man can be both brooding and funny, I'm in.

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