Notes from the Assistant: My Top Fourteen (and counting) Jane's Phone Moments You (mostly) HAVEN'T Seen from 2011

Publish date:
January 2, 2012
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As 2011 came to a close, I was drawn to Jane's phone and all the images collected on it since the site launched. Jane takes a ton of pictures (as you can imagine) in order to not miss a moment (within reason of course). I realized that there are THOUSANDS of photos that didn't appear on Jane's phone on the site mostly due to lack of time versus the amount of content she actually collected on the little guy. Since the launch of (and my joining the team) some of my favorite memories have been captured by that crazy (and sometimes tempermental) little iPhone. Some major love, massive stress, huge gross-outs, but mostly amazing success has been immortalized, for better or worse. Enjoy my 14 picks (and counting-- I may add more as I find them) or don't (I know how some of you feel about Jane's Phone), for the best moments (mostly) not yet seen by you until now.

Here's to a new year with even greater achievements both on and off the "record" for all of us and you. Be good to each other, laugh a lot, cry when you want to, keep it real and appreciate all the little moments (as well as the big) in your lives.

Xo Bryan-