Notes from the Assistant: Week 1 of 2012.

What does an assistant do with the first week of the year with some room to wiggle in his schedule?
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January 6, 2012
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In all honesty, it's been a fairly smooth transition into 2012. Due to New Years Day falling on a Sunday, the office was closed Monday. Jane has been out of town this week working on some top-secret stuff (really cool stuff too). I have had a little extra time on my hands. (Don't get me wrong-- a little, not a lot, I still worked- hard).

What does an assistant do with the first week of the year with some room to wiggle in his schedule? Well, for starters, I FINALLY had some time to really dive in and get Jane's email situation under control. I have had a decent handle on it. I have been able to maneuver through the sea of emails coming in and out on a daily basis relatively successfully. But there was no organization to her inboxes. I primarily work from two. And in total there were over 20,000 unread emails and close to 30,000 unfiled emails. Total chaos. As it stands right now unread emails: 32, new file folders: 212 and counting. I haven't finished the entire filing process, but a HUGE dent was made and I feel like we have a couple of really good looking inboxes. Is it possible I am attracted to Jane's email system now that I've spent so much time inside it? I have been very lonely lately...

Another project that took up quite a bit of time, especially today, was researching Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott. Admittedly, I was one of those kids who grew up with 90210, was obsessed by 90210, was in love with Jason Priestly and felt Donna Martin was a part of me. I also graduated the same year as they did (yes, 1993), we had the same school colors and I am orginally from Minnesota (just like Brandon and Brenda). I was an extension of 90210 in 55125. That's the extent of my knowledge of Tori Spelling, however. When 90210 ended, so did my fascination with the characters and the actors that played them. What can I say? I 'm fickle when it comes to my TV. ( And I hate gossip. I stay away from tabloids (print or otherwise ) and most news- unless it's NY1- no frills local news.

Jane is having Tori and Dean on the radio show on Monday. Madeline and I spent the better part of yesterday and today watching episodes of Tori and Dean as well as scouring her website, ediTORIal. I like her. I like Dean. Their kids are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. The exotic chickens and goats all over the place make them quirky. I love the fact that she is surrounded by gay men (the Guncles are awesome and you have to check out the hoarding video--Hysterical). But I am particularly intrigued by the man she calls her gay husband, Mehran. In fact, I think I might love him. No, I DO love him. Seriously. L-O-V-E. (Dear Universe, Please make sure Tori brings her gay husband to NYC next week so he can be my husband. Love, bryan)

That's about all I have. I can't wait for Jane to get back. It always seems odd when she is out of the office. I can't wait until she reveals the details of her top secret mission, it's crazy cool!

Have AMAZING weekends everyone. BXO