Notes From the Assistant: Week 6

I smell. Crisis: Jane's phone is broken. Jane Pratt: Best Mom In The World.
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October 21, 2011
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What you Don't Know (yet):

This was a nice week overall (I hate the word "nice"). Do over- it was a cooperative week overall. Not too stressful or dramatic. It's been chilly and rainy as well, perhaps that has something to do with the more "manageable" pace. I love this time of year. Its cooler, cozy, a little darker and I love to see the seasons change. Although the shorter days do make it harder for me to motivate and get moving like I should. For instance, today I worked mainly from home. Between emails, phone calls and cleaning up my cat's vomit (no joke-it was horrible) I managed to get to 5pm without a shower or shave. I look and smell gross:

This doesn't mean the week was without its worthy events. Just today, Jane's phone decided to "take a rest". It was kaput. As much as I think it's good to be without those pesky little gadgets from time to time, the last day of the work week is not one of the more opportune moments to be without your mobile office. Jane without her phone is like me without my coffee. She must have been in full withdrawal mode. I could just imagine her shaking and sweaty, rocking back and forth, mumbling to herself, not knowing what to do next. Wait-that's me without coffee, Jane is much more put together than that.

But still, I'm sure she felt like she was missing her right hand. And what about Jane's Phone on the website? It was almost eerie not to see the constant updates that we have all grown accustomed to from Jane. Thankfully, by mid-afternoon, all was well when her little guy decided to wake up and work. (Equally good, I was highly caffeinated all day.)

Earlier in the week there was a "situation" that made me re-evaluate Jane's claim to being the Worst Mom In The World. Her daughter comes to the office on occasion when Jane knows she is going to work late to get more quality time together. (I adore Charlotte by the way, she is one awesome kid.)

I got a call from Charlotte on Jane's phone in the middle of the afternoon a few days back. Charlotte was audibly upset so I put Jane on right away (AKA shoved the phone in Jane's ear as I feared Charlotte's shouts for Mommy would haunt me for years on end). When the phone call was finished Jane let me know that Charlotte was on her way up to the office with her sitter and that she was definitely unhappy about something (Jane and I are close, but there are some things shared only between a Mom and her child--huge respect for that).

Jane had a FULL afternoon of meetings, but it didn't matter, Charlotte comes first. When Charlotte came up, Jane brought her to her office, closed the door and was in full adoring/comforting "Mom-mode" until Charlotte was soothed. Worked stopped and meetings were pushed back (or aside) so that Jane was able to make sure her Charlotte was going to be fine. I know many of you may be thinking, "of course she did, it's her daughter!", but I have witnessed the opposite happen in other families. (If I had a nickel for every time I have seen and heard upset children being ignored or handed over to their nannies or sitters in these exact same situations, especially if the parent was working, I could afford to have my own assistant!) Not with Jane. Charlotte always comes first.

When Charlotte came out of the office she was laughing and joking and ready to dive into her homework, seriously. That kid sat in a chair and read from whatever book you read when you are in 4th grade like no ones business (which is also a sign of great parenting). Sorry to blow your cover Jane, but I was touched watching you be one of the Best Mom's In The World this week.

What You Already Know:

1. Ummmm......scary!

2. Ummmm.....WTF, TSA!?

3. I have never been a fan of blind dates, but maybe I should give this twitter blind date thing a shot?

Happy Weekend-XOBryan