Notes from the Assistant: Week 4

Busiest week ever, Jane's in a band, I'm sick and sucking it left and right, my first name-drop!
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October 7, 2011
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From what you don't know (yet):

I knew it would happen, I just KNEW it. One of my busiest weeks yet at xojane and I fell victim to the dreaded fall cold. Worse timing ever. And it wasn't just me. Let's say it was a very germy week around these parts.

I was looking at the this week's schedule last Friday afternoon and all I could think was "I've got to stay healthy, I've got to keep up." It was my mantra. But I was mostly just plain scared of falling behind and screwing things up. As a new assistant, these are the things you think; especially when faced with a busy week full of meetings, panels, TV appearances, band practice and an office full of executives.

The week started on Sunday evening rather than Monday as Jane was participating in Battle of the Bands. She had to dust off her violin for the first time in years for one of two intense rehearsals culminating in a big performance at the Highline Ballroom. I was feeling a bit cloudy at the beginning of Sunday's rehearsal, but I kept telling myself it was just allergies.

Sunday's rehearsal started with a literal "bang" when no sooner had Jane gotten her violin out of its case it fell on the floor and broke. We managed to tape it together with scotch tape (no joke) and she was able to get through rehearsal on her broken instrument.

By the end of the night I was feeling that foggy, sweaty, stuffy, crummy, snotty feeling that forewarns a cold is just an aknowledgement away. I am not a big fan of medicine so I got home, had a double dose of green tea infused with apple cider vinegar and chanted my way to sleep: "I am not getting sick, I am not getting sick."

Monday morning, sick. Snot coming out of everywhere. My head hurt, my teeth hurt, everything HURT! I still managed to get into the office. Going through my morning emails I found out Emily had the same illness, but was smart enough to work from home (SMART gal!). I, on the other hand, decided it was best to come to work, muscle through it, (spread my germy wealth to everyone). I figured if I was in deep enough denial about this cold perhaps it would just go away. Dead wrong. By the time we got through the day and into Jane's Monday night rehearsal I wanted to crawl into a ball on my bed and never resurface.

Tuesday morning, Emily is still out for the count (but working, lord knows how, from home) and I find out that Eric is sick too. Shit! It's totally spreading like that virus in the movie Contagion. In a panick I called Jane to make sure she was alright, (she had her big performance this night) she said she was, therefore I felt I had to be. Midway through the day's meetings and events Jane saw in my eyes (and heard in my hacking cough) that all was not well and for my health (and, as far as I was concerned, her's) it was best I get rest. I held out for as long as possible, put her in a cab to the big night at the Highine and headed home. I hit the sack, having forgone my herbal remedies for a strong cocktail of Nyquil, Advil and whiskey.

The next 24 hours were a haze of semi-sleep and emails exploding out of my iphone. Every time I tried to step in and help Jane made sure to stop me mid-email and demanded via text messgaes to shut off and sleep. I obliged with the help of more Nyquil, Advil and whiskey (Damn, I love whiskey)!

Thursday was the busiest day of the week. Jane had a panel, business lunch and meetings followed by her appearance on Joy Behar's HLN show. I had to be functional. I was going to triumph through this f-ing cold! With Madeline's help, we got her to the first panel, sweating out my boozey cold cocktail from the night before, jittery with withdrawal, just trying to focus. That's where things totally started to fall apart. I was losing track of emails, losing track of time, losing track of the prepping we were doing for Joy's show, I was a goner. Finally, with Jane off and running to the Time Warner Center, I head home. Before I get into the subway my cell phone rings. It's Jane. I forgot to give her half of the notes we had prepared for the taping that was scheduled in less than half an hour. AAARRRGGGHH!!!

It's now Friday. I am feeling better physically and mentally. The cold is finally easing its grip from my body and Jane made me laugh so hard today, I almost cried. As we were finishing up this afternoon she knew I could use some cheering up. She came from the bathroom and told me she had run out of cotton balls to remove her tv make-up from the night before and used this instead:

I am still laughing.

PS. I also have my first name-drop. At the end of the afternoon I accompanied Jane and Charlotte up to meet her friend, Courteney Cox, for tea. Before I left them, I got a hug from Courteney. I will be name-dropping like nobody's business this weekend!

From what you already know:

I heart Emily for writing this post. I am totally a Charlotte.

This has been huge news all week. Lesley, you are genius.

I am OBSESSED with this era! Hannah, you look gorgeous!

Happy and HEALTHY weekend, xoBryan.