Notes from the Assistant: Week 3

Technical Heartbreak, Ad Week, Jane Must Write a Book, What's In a Name (The "T" word), I am a Sex Worker Wannabe and a Gleek!
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September 30, 2011
behind the scenes, notes from the assistant

From what you don't know (yet):

It's been a high octane week for xojane. I swear Mercury must have gone backward again, but my astrologer begged to differ (she knows best). Anyway, I witnessed for the first time the frustrations of working so hard on a post and having it virtually kidnapped from the screen, never to be seen again.

I was helping Jane flesh out ideas for a post this week and although it wasn't a long post, it took a lot of thought and creative energy to get it to where she wanted it. By the way, it was so much fun to see her go through that inspired creative process. (Everyone of you should have the opportunity to see Jane -- or any of our writers -- in action.) She gets giddy, excited and laughs right through to posting time. But what happens when that creative process is thwarted by a giant, hairy, ugly, smelly, oozing, technical snafu? Utter frustration, stomach cramps, blind fury!

It was the worst moment of my week. Telling Jane the entire post was gone was heartbreaking (cue thunderbolts, lightning, flooding rain, evil laughter). I cried a little. It was the end of the day, no chance of salvaging it from cyber-space purgatory, dead and gone.

Jane actually seemed OK to let it go. But Madeline and I had to do what we could to piece it back together from memory. We were not going to let the computer glitch from hell defeat us (or Jane)! We did OK, but it was far from what Jane had crafted. I self-medicated myself to sleep.

I was relieved the next morning to see Jane had rallied like the rockstar she is. She remembered most of what was written, actually improved upon the original and managed to post a pretty kick-ass piece. You can (and should) still weigh in on it.

Next week is Ad Week here in New York. Jane and the team are going to be super busy with some really cool stuff. For starters she will be featured on a panel -- "How the Internet Killed Mass Market Mediocrity"- Thursday, 10/6 @11am, Main stage, Times Center in New York. If you happen to be in NYC this week we have a very limited number of spaces to let you watch Ms. Jane in action. RSVP to

In addition Jane is scheduled to tape a segment on that brassy Joy Behar's show. I love Joy, I love Jane, I want a Joy-Bryan-Jane sandwich! No, not in that way people, heads out of the gutter. (I am still afraid of breasts and Joy's are ample!) I cannot wait to see what this duo comes up with on the air!

Last, but far from least, Jane might be rocking her violin in a battle of the bands event at Hammerstein Ballroom on Tuesday night, could you just die!? Love it! Although Cat did warn her it would be "social suicide" to which Jane responded " I don't give a F---", Brava!

While Jane brainstorms things she wants to write, she gets sidetracked into telling stories from her life. I have come to recognize this as part of the process. You would not believe the stories our Jane has to tell (maybe you would?). I am always sitting, wide-eyed, jaw-dropped while Jane name-drops and tells these crazy stories of her adventures with these people. Cat said numerous times yesterday while they were crafting the Michael Jackson piece (and I know most of us have thought this over and over) that Jane MUST write her memoirs. She has to. It's a guaranteed best seller; I would personally buy gazillions of copies and give them to the world! (I am still a massive suck-up.) Do you agree? (not with me being a suck-up, about Jane publishing her memoirs to the world.)

From what you know already:

The term "tranny" is another one of those not-to-be-mentioned, politically incorrect names we are not to use in public. [Or in private! --Jane] I have a certain amount of transgendered/transexual friends and acquaintences in my social circle and "tranny" is thrown around as often as any other descriptive slang. Is it one of those cases of use it if you are one but not if you aren't? Thoughts? I truly want to make sure I am doing the right thing here. [I don't think it's cool to throw around unless you are transgendered or transexual, personally, but I left it on the site because it was a quote and I wanted to keep it true to their wording. Lots of our other writers are also not cool with the word, and one is writing a response piece. --Jane]

I am a confirmed Gleek. But I LOVED this article. While it may not prevent me from shakin' my shimmy every week while I pretend to be in high school and dating Darren Criss, I am seeing room for major improvement (Like, I need to be cast as Darren Criss's new love interest.)

I have often been interested (obsessed) with the lives of sex workers. This item makes me even more intrigued. Mom, Dad, Jane -- this would only be a LAST resort, promise (fingers crossed behind my back).

Time to tune Jane's violin!

Happy Weekend! xoB