Notes from the Assistant: Week 2

When Jane's away, I'm a "girl-guy," Halloween.
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September 23, 2011
behind the scenes, notes from the assistant

Notes from what you don't know (yet):

Jane was away for a big chunk of the week working her magic at a SAY event in Napa, leaving the staff up to their own devices. In all honesty, it was pretty much business as usual for everyone but me. It's so hard to get things done when Jane is working remotely for days at a time, especially when cell phone service in Napa SUCKS! I only heard about half of what Jane said on any given phone call.

Imagine trying to figure out what "Hi Honey! We need to (silence) thank you for (silence) could you please make sure we ask Courteney (silence) Oh. My. God. you would not believe, but REM (call dropped during a name drop!) means.

Dropped calls and missed messages or not, I really just miss Jane when she is not in the office (I am a total suck-up, I realize this).

Madeline was going on and on about how wonderful her weekend was going to be last week as she was headed to the country with her family. I really like Madeline, so I invited myself along. She wasn't having it. She told me straight-up it was girls' weekend; her "GIRL-Mom, GIRL-Sister, GIRL-Aunt but no room for a GIRL-GUY"! What?! I'm a Girl-Guy? What does that mean? I have never been called that before. Do I like this description or not? Do you?

The company is making advertiser-sponsored videos for the website, soooooo excited! I love video production; it's my unsung passion. One of my best friends, Claire, works at SAY as well and is producing these videos. Eric, Emily Cat and everyone in it were smashing. What do you think about seeing monthly behind-the-scenes segments of the staffers doing their thing?

Notes from what you already know:

Booty Spanx, really? I wonder if they make these for us gays? They must, we are so ass-centric. Will try.

Anna Rexia, the halloween costume -- appalling. Coming from a former heavy guy, with an oftentimes unhealthy relationship with food, whose birthday happens to fall on this ghoulish day...what a stupid idea for a costume. Get a fancy mask, eat your chocolate and call it a day.

"Dancing With the Stars!" I love this show so much it hurts. I (not so secretly) fantasize about the day when I walk down those regal stairs with Mark Ballas on my arm, ready to shake my groove thang in front of millions, on my way to claiming the mirror ball trophy as my own. Until that day happens I am happy to cheer on my favorite frontrunner, go David Arquette!

Eve's defense of Samantha after being called a C*NT by some twat was nothing less than inspiring, I want someone like Eve in my corner for life!

Happy Weekend ! xoB