Notes from the Assistant: We Want To See You Waking Up

Holy Moly! I'm seeing waking faces in my dreams! The launch of our Morning Faces gallery has messed with me. Don't misinterpret, it's awesome, but I think I'm disturbed more than ever.
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January 29, 2012
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When the idea was brainstormed in our last staff meeting, everyone (well, almost everyone- CAT- we're still waiting for you to send one!!!) was psyched about the idea. To launch the gallery, we were asked to take a picture of ourselves as soon as we were waking up. No makeup (unless it was slept in), no clothing change, no preparing, no doctoring. Just wake up and take your photo. The resulting images were, to me, a bit unsettling (and not in a bad way).

Looking at the glassy-eyed, smushed faced, slightly pissed off and vacant looks of my colleagues (except Daisy) has been striking for me. You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that intuits something isn't quite right? That's what I feel looking at some of the images.

At some point, I vaguely recall, I was told by someone (or some book), when we sleep our subconscious mind takes over and we tend to work through (or face) some of our issues that we surpress during waking hours (not just bad, but good, evil, mean, sexy- whatever we surpress).

Further, when we first open our eyes (not necessarily fully conscious), we are the most detached from our perceived present state of being. We have just come from a sleep state that has removed us from our conscious (controlled) reality. Seeing the eyes upon waking, the camera lens captures a reflection of what we were thinking/dreaming/fearing/fighting/fantasizing (you pick) in a free, unfiltered, subconscious state. (I could be totally wrong, but it seems like a fair assessment). It's all so fascinating to look at.

When I look at the images, I wonder (dying to know) what each of my XO peeps must have been dreaming about. Or what they were thinking right after they woke up. Jane's image made me giggle a little as she wasn't wearing much (nothing like your boss making you blush because of a photo first thing in the morning). [You may now be grateful about the pictures I DIDN'T show you! xo --Jane] Daisy was obviously in a good place (and I DO believe you Daisy!). Madeline looks like what I felt like. When I woke up, I was still unaware that I had overslept through my alarm and was an hour late to start my day. When I opened my eyes and snapped the photo I just kept wanting to go back to sleep.

I can't wait to see your images on the site. Even though it feels strange to me, (seeing faces in what's usually a very private moment), it oddly seems to satiate a voyeuristic craving I apparently have and was previously unaware of. (I can't stop looking! Calling my therapist NOW!) Make sure to send your photos, if you haven't already. I want to see you in your beds waking up! (Ooooh, that made me feel creepy/dirty/inappropriate and excited all at once!)

With February just around the corner (what corner?? I hate that saying, it's two days away) Ahem. With February only two days away, we're looking forward to Fashion Week, the Oscars, the Cougar Town season premier (Hooray, Courteney!) and, for some of us, Valentine's Day. I realize many of you could care less about Valentine's Day (or maybe any of it). It does seem a little silly. Admittedly, I have always enjoyed the Big V day. But I'm still on the lookout for my Big Valentine. If you know of anyone, send him my way as I'm tired of dating my hand (and internet "dating" seems futile).

Also, as mentioned in my last post, we're working behind-the-scenes to bring you some pretty awesome content in the weeks ahead. (I swear this is not a cheesy teaser..ok, you called it, it sort of is, but I speak the truth when I say...) I still have to remain relatively vague about most of it (I'm terrible at secrets and I'm sorry). Although, I can tell you that Jane and I recently finished our raw food cleanse and will be posting about it soon. Speaking for myself, it was brilliant, rejuvenating and totally HILARIOUS (everything coming out of me was lettuce green for 3 days and Jane ate batter, that's funny)! We had some stumbles along the way (Dried semen anyone? Oh dear). On that note....

Have an awesome week! XOBryan

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