Notes from the Assistant: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter And More Twitter!

Somebody get a gun! The Twitter bird is coming to get me! Too late, I've been captured.
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January 22, 2012
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To start- there are so many exciting things coming up for, all of which are being worked on behind-the-scenes. I have a ton of pent up frustration over the fact that I have to keep it all pent up (well, most of it). You know how it is, we don't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon for risk of spoiling anything. But once these things are set for certain, you will like what you hear (I hope). I hate to be so cryptic with you, so let's move on to what I CAN talk about.

Twitter. I had sworn off Twitter. I was not going to do it. I tried once, maybe two years ago, and failed at it. Also, my account was hacked (which can happen to anyone, on any site and not a reflection on Twitter). I took that as a sign that the universe was backing up my decision to resign my account. I quit Twitter before I had barely squeeked out my first tweat.

Here I am now, utterly immersed in all things tweetable. It seems tweeting is the new talking. Because of work (and just the way things tend to move in social media, which I do love and am fascinated by), I have made peace with my anti-twitter stance and jumped in with both feet, trying to understand how the heck to survive in the world of Twitter.

Navigating through hashtags, trending topics, re-tweets and how you best represent yourself within the rules established by this strange Twitter world gets complicated, at least for me (140 characters or less? Twitter, my darling, I'm not that concise). And the rules change (or morph into something else) everyday. Just when I think I've gotten the hang of one twittery concept, another comes along and tweets the old one's ass goodbye. Like most things I have resistance to in my life, I decided a few months back to just let all that frustration and anxiety about The Twit go. I will try to participate in, be an active member of and enjoy Twitter society. It's working, slowly but surely.

Lately, when I'm logged into, I am greatly entertained by reading the tweets from the people I work with. @cat_marnell and @msemilymccombs have some darn funny banter going. I also love the way @cat_marnell uses tweeting as the main form of communication with @JR_Schott. I still prefer emails/texts or, gasp, a phone call, but this seems to work well for them, there must be something to it.

Working as closely with @madelinelou as I do, I'm trying to suck every bit of twitter knowledge that I can from her. I'm still trying to sort out "RT" and proper use of a period within a tweet (or a retweet??), but I'm getting there, slowly (lord knows I still have difficulty with periods and commas in a paragraph) . Recently, @madelinelou has been talking about twitter celebrities. I'm not ready to understand that yet.

As you all know, last week was the launch of @JanePratt. This was huge for us and @JanePratt, as we had a lot of behind the scenes work that went into making it happen. To celebrate the launch, @JanePratt ran a contest for her first 1000 followers. I am happy to report the winners will be announced in the next couple of days (HOORAY). You can also be certain there will be more contests tied to @JanePratt.

Also, as you may or may not know, we had @JanePratt's first ever live Twitter chat. Considering it was the first one, it seemed to go relatively smoothly. I kept my distance from what was actually going on between @JanePratt, @madelineLou and the mighty Twit Monster (I mean Twitter Angel, apologies- still working out a few residual Twitter issues.) as to not overwhelm myself. I was able to read some of your questions (they were fabulous) and @JanePratt is soooo in her element when she has the opportunity to help you. These Twitter chats are another way to facilitate her doing just that, help you. The Twitter Chat further softened the whole Twitter twist I tend to get myself into when I get lost in this alternate universe.

I did go into @JanePratt's office when the chat was over to debrief. While we were discussing it, somehow or another, I think I may have agreed to go on a Twitter Blind Date. Oh dear. Should be interesting if it happens, Twitter love? Really? We'll keep you posted on that. (I'll tweet it for sure! See? I'm catching on!)

Enough about the big "T". We are all super excited about NYFW coming up next month. You will get all the amazing coverage that we had from the last round of shows and more (for those of you into all this fashion week stuff). @xoEricNicholson will be doing his couture thing, bringing you the best of the best, as it unfolds.

I, personally, am super psyched about awards season, even though I managed to completely forget about the Golden Globes last week. (I had only found out they were in progress when I logged into Facebook and noticed my news feed buzzing about Madonna winning one. I was super confused for a hot minute while I tried to determine if I was in a wake or dream state- congrats Madge?) You can expect some cool live tweeting (darn it, I can't escape talking about the Twitter) during upcoming events, also on the weekend in general, by all of the xoJane crew.

Seeing as I cannot stop my Twit talk, I will end this here. Happy Sunday and hope you had an amazing week!

(OH, I almost fogot! I want to say thank you to all of you who showed such amazing compassion in response to my post about Sasha. Reading your comments and stories was incredibly healing and uplifting. Truly grateful, thanks and XO to each of you.)

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