Notes from the Assistant: London Calling

According to some sources (Charlotte) there are a few inaccuracies in the retelling of our trip.

[Because I love you so much, Bryan, I am letting you use this album title as your sub-head, even though song, book and movie titles are right up there with puns in my non-book of least-favorite headline tools. Was that too mean? --Jane]

We just got back from London after a week of meetings and planning for our TOP SECRET UK mission. Even though our work schedule was PACKED, we did manage to find some time to relax (sort of) and enjoy a bit of what London has to offer. Cheerio and enjoy!

From the time we landed, Charlotte was snapping pictures on my iPhone of the funny cars and busses, interesting statues, the trees in the park and everything she thought was unique and different from New York. Char is a wiz at taking pictures and editing them in the moment while traveling in a car at 60 mph. Kids these days.

More than once we found ourselves running the streets of London late at night exploring the city when it was quieter and moody. On this particular night, Charlotte was determined to run with Jane and leave me in the dust. She did a good job.

On this particular night out, we decided to check out the famous, old-timey London phone booths. We felt like we were on a movie set! We discovered that, like most phone booths in most cities, it's better to admire from the outside rather than the inside.

We spent some awesome quality time with one of Jane's BFFs, Michael. This video was taken when we were on our way home. It was the best fountain ever, the steam was very eerie and totally cool for Charlotte and Jane to play in.

Charlotte stayed on New York time the entire trip which worked well for her when we got back. It did mean that most nights ended at about 2am while we were away. Our "normal" routine usually included tons of ice cream, Doritos and Charlotte teaching me her latest dance routines that she (and some Jane) had choreographed set to Britney Spears's songs. We also had name-that-Britney-song lip-synching contests. Good times.

No trip anywhere would be complete without leaving our mark somewhere in the city we are visiting. This was our last morning and thought it was the perfect punctuation to a very productive and fun trip!

On the plane ride home, while Jane was going over meeting notes, Charlotte decided it would be way more fun to sit with me and play video games rather sit in her own chair. She made this a game for us. The "rule" was that I had to watch her play video games. I was not allowed to watch a movie, listen to music or fall asleep. If I did any of those things, I would be the loser of this "game". It's a good thing I adore this kid or I would have gone out of my mind!

This was the view for over half the plane ride home. We chased the sunset for almost 5 hours. It was so magical and beautiful. Perfect scenery to stare at after such an awesome, productive, exciting and educational trip. Can't wait for the next one!