Notes From the Assistant: Happy Spring!

Warmer weather means the flowers are blooming, the grass is reclaiming the color green, I get to wear less clothing and I am on the prowl.
Publish date:
March 26, 2012

Welcome Back 70 Degrees

Spring has sprung and I could not be happier. It's one of my favorite seasons, second to fall. Spring and fall bring the greatest changes for me and, as much as I love to welcome in the cozy fall season, the rebirth that occurs during springtime is so rejuvenating. Warmer weather means the flowers are blooming, the grass is reclaiming the color green, I get to wear less clothing (which has brought me some stress- more on that in a bit), I can spend more time outdoors and I feel fresh possibilities for romance (more on that later, too).During this time of year I become obsessively motivated to clean everything. This past week I scoured my apartment from top to bottom. I went through old documents, no longer working electronics, files on my computer, contacts on my phone I no longer use (or can't remember the names- oops) and clothes I no longer wear. I also attacked my office desk. I tend to keep everything in terms of notes, files, pictures and videos (I am an office hoarder). Shedding the layer of "stuff" that had accumulated during the fall and winter seasons felt like shedding my skin. I was molting! By having done so I feel recharged and refocused. As we are about to head into a very hectic spring season at xoJane, I didn't need all the old stuff cluttering up space (both mentally and physically) where the new stuff will need to be able to clutter until fall. I heart spring.XoJane Is ExpandingSpring at xoJane will bring the launch of xoJane UK. This is thrilling because expanding represents growth and success for the site. (We wouldn't be able to do that without you, LOVE YOU!) In the next few weeks you will get to know Rebecca (Editor for the UK) as well as some of her team that will begin writing for the UK but also showing up on the US site. Nothing like some new xo friends to add a little British flavor into everything xoJane! We will also be traveling to the UK leading up to the launch. Look out for first-hand accounts from Jane on the progress of this exciting venture.I've Also Been ExpandingGetting back to spring and less clothing. Normally, I am so excited to put away the layers and break out my favorite t-shirts, tank tops and shorts. I'm a bit apprehensive to show skin this season as I have fallen off the wagon in terms of my exercise routine. I am usually in the gym six days a week. This hasn't been the case since December. I don't feel bad about it and I certainly won't beat myself up over it. But I do miss the routine, the feeling of accomplishment and the stress relief brought on by a regularly scheduled sweat session. I need to find that again, but not sure where or how.Earlier this year, Julie and I did a week long bootcamp at Barry's Bootcamp. We LOVED it. It was hard and the perfect physical challenge I needed to feel alive in the dead of winter (and after having indulged in the holidays like a champion). I would do it again in a heartbeat but it isn't the answer to my day-to-day fitness desires now. I belong to a gym but that has become boring. I have a couple home fitness DVD programs, and while great for what they are, I miss being around people if I do them for too long. Should I join a new gym to switch things up? What about CrossFit? I hear great things about that. I'm sort of stuck and need to grease the wheels and get moving. Tell me what you do, if anything.Love Is In The Air?Springtime also brings out the hopeless romantic in me (if I had someone to be romantic with). The awakening flora and fauna can be quite hormonally intoxicating (for me at least). Blooming flowers and growing grass make me tingle a little (and sneeze a lot). I have been single for soooooooo long that it seems I might have become too comfortable with it. In the past I have tried every dating site available on the Internet, from the more traditional to the sordid. I have had friends fix me up (Jane and I talk about fixing me up all the time) but it never quite seems to work. I have even begun the unhealthy habit of recycling old dates that didn't work. Somehow I had blocked out the reason for failure, only to be quickly reminded (after a couple martinis) why the match wasn't made in heaven. (Was it the guys or the martinis?)Recently, Twitter has become an "option" to find romance, but is it? Really?? We have posted stories on xoJane in the past called Twitter Blind Date. There has been talk of me becoming a victim (pardon me, participant) in one. I am a traditionalist in terms of dating. The longest romantic relationship I have had (5 years) came about because we happened to have the same part-time job. From day one of stuffing programs for Beauty and the Beast on Broadway we had chemistry. Doesn't anyone just meet anymore? Or do I resign myself to some sort of online setup? Clearly I have my reservations about it, but at the end of the day- why not go for it? What's the worst that could happen (a million and one worst things are going through my mind as we speak)? Should I? Where else do the unattached become attached these days? Perhaps Twitter will prove to be my cupid? I doubt it, but the fact that nothing else is working for me in the love department lately, I owe it to myself to try (I think). If you are interested, you will certainly be able to read about my Twitter blind date here, maybe. I hope all of you are enjoying the beginning of your spring! Until next week-XoBryanPS. I stuck with the name Oliver for the new cat for those of you who were wondering. Winter and Oliver are tolerating each other, but certainly not in love just yet.Follow me on Twitter @BryanStendahl- especially if you're looking for a hot date (well...modestly hot)!