A Subscription Service for People Who Love Giant Squids and Getting Amazing Presents In The Mail

Not Another Bill is a subscription service that sends mystery curios in the mail! And we are giving one away here! Hurray times a gazillion!
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September 21, 2011
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One subscription service I'm madly in love with is Not Another Bill. I'm gushingly, fawningly, madly in love with it. The idea is simple really, you pay each month or get a yearly subscription and Ned sends you truly lovely presents in the mail. Who is Ned?

He's a terribly handsome art director at Saatchi &Saatchi who makes birthday cakes out of dog food for his whippets, likes the bands Blackbird Blackbird and Crystal Fighters, and as a child made giant paper mache sculpture out of people and left them lying about the house. Doesn't he sound like the coolest pen pal EVER?

The service costs roughly $29 per month USD (Ned ships worldwide) and I know that seems like a lot to some of you, but you are not paying for just an amazingly cool parcel of mystery items, you are paying for


What do you actually get? You get Christmas one day a month, even in summer.

As Ned says, "Every month is different. Sometimes we don't even know what you are getting until it catches our eye at a vintage fair. Some months we will have been working with a designer or an illustrator to produce a one-off collaboration. The aim is always to bring you something intriguing that you can't buy anywhere."

I just received a parcel in the mail from Not Another Bill and I'm stunned. It's just ... beyond ... words.

First off, I got this gorgeous apron from Stuart Gardiner design that lists seasonal British fruits and vegetables.

I got a beautiful stag ring from Inca Starzinsky which I'm pretty sure will cast amazing shadows on my wall.

I got a large envelope of vintage paper items from Tea & Ceremony. It's probably something someone would use for scrapbooking and adding to presents to make them really beautiful but I just keep marveling at how cool they all are.

And... and I am so not joking... I received a Karl Lagerfeld finger puppet. ARE YOU DYING OR WHAT?

Now, I'm so pretending I'm special and the parcel you would receive would not be as amazing as mine but past presents have included a print from Dan Hiller (and you know how much we adore animals wearing clothing)

and Emma Norman jewelry. Magic! I told you!

My only problem is that I never want to use my prizes because they are that cool. I want to save them forever and take them out on occasion and swoon. A month subscription would make a terribly special gift for someone you love. And because Ned is that wonderful, he has offered one of you lovely readers a one month subscription to Not Another Bill.

How do you enter? LIKE Ned's Facebook page! Then make sure you sign up to receive the xoJane newsletter, because the winner will be announced in Jane's newsletter on Friday, September 30th. Post here in comments what the strangest thing you have ever received in the mail was. OH, this contest is open to our readers worldwide! You must sign up for the XOJane newsletter and like Not Another Bill on Facebook to be eligible.

Not Another Bill has started Not Another Pinterest and you should go follow Ned's boards because he posts some really cool things.

You can read all about Not Another Bill here and subscribe to get fantastic parcels in the mail!

I'm so excited we get to bring you this contest. If you are anything like me, the number of bills and catalogues and junk mail you get in the post far outweighs anything beautiful or special or interesting you receive, and I find it so lovely that one day a month you can get a package that contains something mysterious and surprising and like nothing you have ever seen before.

Enter! And tell us about your strange packages!