My Wisconsin Road Trip Honeymoon Playlist, EXPOSED!

What do crazy people in love listen to on the way to Wisconsin? And more importantly, why?
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August 31, 2011
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I married the best mix-tape-maker in the world. My husband Mike would say I could stop after the fourth word of that statement.

Our wedding music was a meisterwerk of lovingly poured-over iPod playlists, broken down into pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony, pre-dinner, dinner, dancing and wind-down. My flowers girls (actually three “candy” girls and one “candy” boy) bopped out to 70s synthstrumental Popcorn by Hot Butter:

The McPaddens are a lot of fun and NEVER without a soundtrack.

Fast-forward eight months -- the normal length of time between a wedding and honeymoon -- and we collabo’d on a Wisconsin honeymoon (adorably or irritatingly referred to as Wiscomoon) road trip mix that both kills it and is personally moving.

188 songs (we are compulsive and insane as well) are too many to itemize here, so I’ll detail the personal significance of eight, one for each month of Wiscomoon postponement.

8. New York Groove ~ Ace Frehley

Mikey’s a New Yawkuh. And this is the struttin’-est jam since Strutter. Plus, one of the most notorious lines at my house comes from a question posed of Gene Simmons by Sal the Stockbroker on Howard Stern years ago. Sal asked Gene how he felt about outing Ace Frehley as a bisexual in his book by publishing a photo of Ace making out with a guy in the 70s, Gene claimed “I wouldn’t say Ace is bisexual, per se. Ace is free, free in his choices.”

7. Wig Wam Bam ~ Sweet

The culture that is marginalized by this beloved-by-us saccharine toe-tapper is heavily represented in Wisconsin. C’mon. I’m part Cherokee. And in MENSA, like all the girls in Penthouse!

6. Friends ~ Band of Skulls

From our wedding music. “My friends…they are…so beau-ti-ful.” Also from the New Moon soundtrack. Little known fact: Mike and I verbally eviscerated all things "Twilight"-related until New Moon showed up at our local drive-in movie theater. Then, we were all, “I’M Team Jacob AND Team Edward!” and On-Demanded the first two movies ASAP.

5. Six Foot Under ~ Samson

So Mike is writing two books right now. One involves bands that influenced Metallica (among other things), of which Samson is one. When Mike played this song, I freaked, declared it my song and haven’t stopped obsessing yet. It’s “NWOBHM” (late 70s New Wave of British Heavy Metal), but sounds like The Vapors (of Turning Japanesefame) playing prog rock. How much of a girl am I? That description drains the balls right out of it and I don’t even care.

4. Looky Looky ~ Giorgio

The McP’s LOVE bubblegum and Giorgio. Looky Looky with its lazy mmm-maw-maw baba mmm-maw-maw is addictively awesome boy-loves-a-girl pop. Check this video. Every time he awkwardly touches his hips, I die:

3. Mickey Mouse ~ Sparks

Sparks is gawd. And EVERY vacation is Disneyland. OK? The "Saturday Night Live" performance of this song is the stuff that blew young minds like ours:

2. I’ll Be Your Ghost ~ Devil’s Blood

Lay me on your bed of nails Tie me to your whipping post I'll let you kill me And I'll be your ghost

This is an amazing rock love song to me.

1. Magic and Ecstacy ~ Ennio Morricone

From "Exorcist 2" and the musical wedding-officiating entrance theme of our truest friend and doctor of Love and Ancient Religions, Brian Collins, PhD (who will be presenting at the University of Chicago Conference on Jersey Shore Studies in October). The electric whip crack in this creepy wizard number may be the best sound ever.

Bonus Track:

Drive-in Show ~ Eddie Cochran

Cascade Drive-In, the McP’s home away from home, plays this in the mix of oldies before the movies start. The reported lyrics are “Bet my peanuts to a candy bar,” but he says penis. He says penis, he’s talking about his penis.

Do you love to make playlists or mix CDs for road trips? What’s your favorite mix and what was the occasion? I want to know all the stories behind your music!

Is anyone dying to know all the other details of WISCOMOON??