Summer is Coming and I Am So Ready With These MVPs for My Hot-Weather Style

I am so ready to shed my winter layers.
Publish date:
May 16, 2016
summer, jumpsuits, hot weather, moisturizers

Recent weather in my NY area is no indication, but summer is indeed right around the corner. You know we don’t do “beach body”–type nonsense here, except to say that your body is a beach body if you take it to a beach, which I personally can’t wait to do because I’m sick of the cold and I also feel that I’m part mermaid, which is a whole different story.

Back to the approach of summer, and my personal love of warmer weather, I’m gearing up. That means shoring up my arsenal of summer supplies, with excitement.

When I think of warmer temperatures, I think of freedom, of unburdening myself of heavy winter coats and layers of clothing. I think of being outdoors more and enjoying those surroundings, carrying fewer things around with me as either distraction or weather protection.

Summertime is not everyone’s jam, I know. But I can’t wait for it to get here, and I want to share my favorite new accessories and summertime items:

DHC Beauty Lift Milk

You already know I take my moisturization very seriously. I always use a specific face lotion that’s different from items for below the décolletage, and a new showstopper product has entered my life. DHC Beauty Lift Milk is simply the lightest face lotion I’ve ever tried, period.

In summer, some people with more naturally oily complexions choose to forego moisturizer altogether, but my dry skin makes it a year-round requirement. Even with other “light” moisturizers, I can recall feeling so slimy after applying it in warm weather, either wasting product by wiping off what felt like “excess,” or wasting time by sitting and waiting for it to be absorbed.

The DHC Beauty Lift line has different levels of moisturizers to suit all skin needs, but this Milk really blew my mind. It’s so light that a few quick pats and the only evidence that it was ever there is my skin feeling smooth, but not at all slimy. It’s about to be my Summer 2016 MVP.

Shea Terra Organics Shea Butter Oil

Yup, another moisturizer. It’s that important. But this one is the first straight-up oil I’m welcoming into the fold. Never wanting to appear or feel greasy, I’ve generally stayed away from oils for moisturizing or cleaning purposes. I guess while I was away, certain merchants have found ways to de-grease the oils, maintaining their restorative properties without risking staining your sheets and clothes.

The best of these so far for me is this Shea Terra Organics Shea Butter Oil. I’m using the Namibian Marula variety, which gives it a natural fragrance of light fruity deliciousness, although it also comes in a bunch of other natural scents, including banana, coconut lemongrass, and pink guava pomegranate.

The smell is glorious enough, but the feel of this stuff is just magnificent. It absorbs instantly and isn’t heavy oily-feeling, despite being an actual oil. What makes it summer-specific to me, though, is all this multitasking it does:

I love to swim (it’s that mermaid DNA, I tell ya), and while I accept that a trip to the beach means embracing hairdos that are undone by mother nature, I do like to have some kind of product on hand for wet hair moments so that all my hair’s moisture isn’t just swept out to sea forever.

I also like to have a pleasant smell about me, so I usually carry a fragrance of some kind, and I don’t go anywhere without lotion. All three of those are handled in this one bottle. Boom. That means fewer products, a lighter and smaller bag, grab-and-go summer living. And when I get home I can use it in the bath and then maybe someone could use it in giving me a massage.


The Go-Comb is another “carry around smaller/lighter/fewer things” champ. I got mine as a gift, and you know I don’t lie to you—I wasn’t impressed at first. “Wallet-sized comb” had become synonymous with “crappy plastic comb” to me, and I was quickly schooled that there’s a new kid in town.

Go-Combs are indeed wallet-sized and some are made of plastic, but the similarities end there. Go-Combs actually come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, and the plastic ones have a coating that makes them durable and also gentle on finer hair. They have fine tooth and wide tooth options, and the colors, styles, and designs are available in seemingly endless permutations, including the option to personalize a Go-Comb with someone’s name or a message.

The wider tooth combs are great for detangling a beard or mustache, and these tiny things also do some serious summertime multitasking, with some designs having a mirror on the back, and one even has a bottle opener built into the corner. All in an item the size of a credit card.


Bandelettes are anti-chafing thigh bands. They also happen to come in a variety of adorable colors and lacy designs if you want to let them show, but they actually provide an important function in an area that needs it most when it’s covered up.

I like to wear things that are just one piece in summer, which means that I have more maxi-dresses than I can even count at this point. I don’t have a thigh gap, though I imagine that those who do might not have any issues here. For the rest of us, Bandelettes put a thin layer of fabric between our thighs without the added crotch warmth (let’s keep it real!) or bulk of wearing shorts or leggings under a skirt.

They also serve an athletic function and come in totally plain solids that are more gender-neutral than the lacy hearts designs, a unisex product sold simply by thigh circumference measurement, currently offered in sizes up to 32.”

And they stay up! That little silicone band around the inside edge of strapless bras and other items that are intended to “stay put” often fail miserably, but they’re thicker and stronger here, so they really do stay put.

Some people even choose to wear them as their own fashion item, letting them show.


This is a broad category, I know. But I’m so enthusiastic about jumpsuits this season it’s kind of silly. It’s that whole one-piece-dressing thing that I love, and although finding ones long enough for my 6-foot frame is a challenge just like with my beloved maxi dresses, I have so many maxi dresses at this point that I’m declaring Summer 2016 Jumpsuit Season.

I’m starting with this one, from I love that this site gets really specific about garment measurements, telling you the model’s height in the image and what height the heels are on the shoes she’s wearing, so that someone like me who counts every fraction of an inch can have a better idea of how a garment on a webpage might look on me.

Jumpsuits and rompers feel so fun to me, and they can go from super-casual to “please someone invite me to a summer wedding ASAP so I can rock this navy number above,” and I like the easy, breezy feeling of one-item dressing that I don’t even balk at the potential for bathroom trickiness.

I’ll be marching into this summer with a lighter bag and a lighter heart, ready to get the most out of all the extra daylight and I can’t wait!