My Band!

For the first time in years I'm rocking my violin and getting back on stage.
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October 7, 2011
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For those of you who actually care about my re-debut to the stage, this week's show went swimmingly at the SAY AdWeek Battle of the AdBands, where money was going to various charities, such as Cancer Schmancer.

I couldn't hear myself in the monitor, so couldn't tell if I was sharp or flat or whatever (I know, that old monitor excuse), but I had a blast. I will spare you the whole set, but here is one song, if you want to see/listen to it:

After the show, I went out to dinner with Michael, totally amped up on adrenaline and he was asking me who else was in the band and I was explaining that it was people who had played in various bands. I said, "You know, what is that thing called? With all the people? From different places?" "A Clusterfuck?," Michael answered. "No, Michael. Not that. That other thing...." "You mean a SUPERGROUP??" YES! That is what we were. A SUPERgroup. Ah, adrenaline.