Please Convince Me That My Dog Does Not Belong In My Engagement Photos

Are pets in engagement photos a cute touch or a hot mess?
Publish date:
May 9, 2015

Too often, I find myself depending on the cuteness of my dog. Whether it's misplaced emotional dependency or fodder for writing (because let's be real: you guys might enjoy my beauty pieces, but you LOVE this weekend corgi column), Spondee's wiggly butt makes up for my shortcomings.

TL;DR: I like (and am simultaneously adamantly opposed to) the idea of including Spondee in my engagement photos.

I'm getting married next spring. We're doing the deed in my parent's backyard and Spondee is in line to be the ring bearer, a choice fully dependent on being able to get him to walk down the aisle. Any advice on getting him to do so are greatly appreciated.

I used to love the idea of planning my wedding. I used to think, I am artistic and I love a flower crown. I am going to plan the quaintest, darling-est backyard wedding. There will be string lights, there will be cocktails featuring edible flowers. All of our poet friends will rejoice and squee.

Then I found out what wedding planning actually entails (thanks a bunch, The Knot) and now my insides get all knotted up whenever I think about it.

So I'm digesting the wedding planning in small manageable chunks and the first *big* thing I'm tackling is the Save-The-Date-Engagement-Photo-Stationary-Cluster$#@.

This should be easy. I'm twenty-four and I love a good selfie. I want our photos to be sweet.

I want them to be, literally, delightful -- painfully, obnoxiously, delight-causing.

Which brings me to the actual topic of this article: are pets in engagement photos a cute touch or a hot mess?

Spondee is obviously delightful (check) and sweet (check) and, without a doubt, the most photogenic member of our little soon-to-be family. Plus, he fits perfectly into most spaces between myself and my fiancé as exhibited above and below: I traveling into dangerous cat lady territory?

Will Spondee steal the spotlight?

Will the tongue-in-cheek tone of this article be obvious enough to keep people from side-eyeing me in the comments section?

Impart your wisdom -- and any foolproof dog training tips* -- upon me in the comments. Also, I would heartily enjoy any of the following:

Backyard wedding planning advice

Pet-friendly honeymoon destinations**

Photos of animals in tiny tuxedos

Your opinions on the ever-controversial pet wedding phenomenon

*I'm so, so serious about the dog training tips, you guys.

**I'm so, so not serious about this.