Mother’s proper Jewish Chicken Soup

Whether your cat's just died, you’ve got a stinking cold or you just want something delicious and warm, this is proper Jewish penicillin.
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August 8, 2012
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If there’s one thing that’s a Jewish mother’s duty, it’s to pass on their chicken soup recipe to their kids. This is my mum’s and it’s absolutely delicious.

Preparation time 25mins, cooking time 2hours

Serves 6

IngredientsYou will need one big mother saucepan/stewing pot. 1 chicken quartered (or if you’re going to go the whole hog and you have access to a kosher butcher, you use a fowl which is a special type of chicken specifically for soup.) 4 heaped tbsp Telma chicken soup mix 7 carrots peeled, chopped into large chunks 1 onion peeled and halved 2 tsp salt Black pepper - a generous grind Egg noodles Matzo ball mix (can’t get this? Try here)

I chucked in an extra carrot or two than you see here. You know they’ll make you see better at night.

The Jewish ingredients in this recipe can be bought from your local Tesco/Sainsbury’s/Waitrose (or even better, Ocado delivery, so just order it up online!), if they have a kosher section or any kosher deli. Failing that, you can use any noodles in place of the ones I have used – try and get Vermicelli from the pasta section of your supermarket and a good stock cube – probably the Knorr chicken variety.

You can use this powder in stews and Shepherd's pie to boost flavour.

• Place your chicken (which should be quartered) in your pot and cover with cold water, so the water rises about three inches above the chicken. Now boil for about 20minutes until all the scum rises to the surface. The scum is a greasy white foam which when boiled comes off the chicken.

See that white foam? This is what your chicken should look like after boiling for 20mins. Fee free to leave it on for longer if need be.

• While the chicken is boiling, prep your vegetables. Peel your carrots and chop into large chunks (2-3cm wide). Also peel your onion and chop it in half.

• After your chicken has finished boiling, rinse your chicken and the pot with cold water so all the scum is gone.

• Now, throw everything in the clean pot – the chicken, the carrots and onion, the Telma chicken powder, the salt and pepper, and fill with cold water. Pop a lid on your pot on medium-high heat on your stove for at least 1.5 – 2hours. Remove the lid after 1hour of cooking and turn the heat down to low-medium.

• Once your soup is cooked (the carrots should not be mushy and still have a slight bite) take the chicken out and remove from the bone (bin those bones). Place the chicken in your soup bowls in strips/pieces, add some carrots and noodles and soup, and yummers: enjoy.

Now how nice does that look? It tastes frickin amazing. Wholesome and hearty. Also, what you don’t eat, just chuck it in the freezer.

Noodles - I buy the kosher noodles which you literally chuck in boiling water for 8mins and then drop into the soup when ready. Easy.

Easy peasy egg noodles.

Matzo balls - or the jewish term is knaidlach [kin-ade-el-ach]. Make these while the soup has been cooking for an hour. With the mix I buy, whisk/scramble 2 eggs, mix with 120ml of veg oil, salt and pepper and pop in the fridge for 5minutes.

Then take the mix out and roll into walnut sized balls and plop in the soup – I like to leave the balls in the soup for at least 30mins to an hour so they soak up the flavour.

This stuff makes the best matzo balls and it takes no time.

If you’re making the matzo balls (details below) pop them in after the soup has been on for 1hour.

And that’s it. If this seems complicated, I promise you, it really isn’t. It’s just a case of throwing everything in a pot and letting it cook, and then adding the other elements like boiling the noodles and making the matzo balls.

I hope you’ll give it a go xojane readers and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments – I promise to reply. Bon Appetite!