You Saucy Minx! We Try An Expensive Salon Procedure Ourselves

One slow Friday, we turn the xoJane HQ into an unlicensed illicit salon.
Publish date:
September 27, 2011
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Last Friday was a slower day in the office, as they tend to be. Jane asked me to represent xoJane at a fun little cocktail party with some of the sales people from our company over at Morpheus Media. I LOVE that sort of thing, so I was down ... until I saw the state of my chipped, painted over, chipped again, painted over again cobalt blue fingernails. Unacceptable for eating little bite-sized grilled cheese sandwiches, sipping Belevedere-sodas, and mingling! Cat (Obuhoff) from IT sits across from me. She popped up and said "Well, I have a Minx kit. Let's do your nails."

Minx is a procedure that's a lot like those Sally Hansen nail strips, but it's generally applied in a salon, and is definitely more heavy duty than Sally Hansen decals. It requires a majorly hot lamp, pictured above. Cat really likes it. It costs about $50 a manicure; so she called Minx and asked if she could order the kit herself. $300 later, here we are. The kit includes nail strips, tools for shaping and pressing the decals down, instructions and that lamp.

It was tough, but our intern, Olivia (who shot every beautiful photo you see here) helped me settle on this one which I call "digital silver."

After removing the blue abomination from my nail beds and filing them into shape, my nails were dry and clean and ready for decals. Cat chose appropriate sizes for each of my fingers. Before application, you have to hold the decal under the heat lamp until it is wavy-looking, then you press it onto the nail.

Your fingers will look like this:

And when you try to use your phone, they'll look like this:

The next step is THE HARDEST part. You have to file off the excess decal, and it's a lot harder than the Sally Hansen ones. Minx decals are much thicker and more stubborn.

Everyone in the office loved them. And Cat ended up doing our office manager's nails (her name is Jules and yes, that is her Metallica shirt she wore at work).

This is what my nails look like now, three days (of weekend partying and bargain shopping) later. I must say, Minx has held up much better than Sally Hansen Salon Effects. While the Sally Hansen strips are more affordable and easier to work with, the patterns tend to stretch out on the nail and look less vivid and generally intense than Minx.

Do you guys like Minx?