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March 1, 2012
michelle tea, say something nice on the internet day

My favorite fashion blog in the whole world wide web is

Ironing Board Collective

, a gathering of obsessive, opinionated fashion outsiders who think like fashion insiders.

Here’s why I love it: helmed by trans people and queers who have settled into their deep love of fashion via a hyper-politicized realm of feminist, queer, class and racial deconstruction, it is NOT one of those smarty-pants fasion blogs where the writers are half-apologizing for LIKING fashion the whole time, begrudgingly drooling over some creation and then backlashing against themselves with some bit of information we all HAVE already -- the fashion industry is FUCKED UP. Um, I know -- now show me something pretty!

I demand hyper-intelligent individuals who write with flair and hilarity, bring unexpected insights, are on the same page as I am about the ills of the world AND just love love love love fashion with no guilt, shame or apology. And that’s what you get with Ironing Board Collective.

Thomas Page McBee is one of the best writers out there (check out his piece about peeing at rest stops on The Rumpus), Michael von Braithwaite’s wit is sharp and fierce, and current guest contributor Ben McCoy should be brought in as a guest contributor at every blog in existence, period. Love!

Also, while talking about fashion love on the interweb, I do not tire

of Garbage Dress

, the blog of designer Zana Bane, a black-clad lady after my own goth heart. I love her pictures of what she wore out of the house that day, the shots from the various fashion parties she attends, and photos of her own work, leather harnesses that are sort of goth and SM-y without seeming like you’ve been sitting in the same barstool at the same trashy leather bar since 1997, ruining your skin with cigarettes and whiskey. They are more elegant and Satanic and I would kill -- KILL -- for one of her pentacle numbers.

In case you haven’t gotten the memo that it’s totally hot fun times to be a trans guy, click over to

Original Plumbing

and read up on the dynamic, vibrant trans male scene that OP (a print magazine, web magazine and real-life party series) is smack in the middle of. With a rotating cast of trans male bloggers, Original Plumbingcreated by photographer Amos Mac and rapper Rocco Kayiatos (aka Katastrophe) -- is always flush with a variety of voices and viewpoints. Current conversations include the problematic popularity of the word "tranny," cute party pics, missives from a trans guy in prison, book reviews and film premieres, hair issues, family drama, and, of course, a eulogy to Whitney Houston.

I Deserve This

is the blog of performance powerhouse Erin Markey and porn star, poet and writer Lorelei Lee. Erin and Lorelei are amazing writers and they travel around a lot for their life and art (often interchangeable) and their reports, whether from a week in Berlin (Lorelei) or 40 days and 40 nights performing Tennessee Williams in the same in the same luxury hotel room you’re sleeping in (Erin) are hilarious and poignant, personal in ways both sweet and TMI -- dirty laundry, whiskey-drinking grandmas, fruit flies, Kleenex, used false eyelashes, baby turtles, love, Dumbo (the elephant), Virginia Woolf, coffee, teddy bears, poverty -- what more do you want?

Oh -- maybe a lady skateboarder?

Tara Jepsen

is a writer, a filmmaker, a performance artist and a late-life female skateboarder. She documents her experiences in the bowl, bonding with teenaged boys and older skater bros, her bravery and her fear, her roadtrips (skate-based or diva-licious). Her voice is fiercely earnest and unafraid to be both totally sarcastic and completely absurd in pursuit of the complicated truths such an intrepid lady lives by. Both compassionate and snarky, if Tara wasn’t already my BFF reading this blog would make me want to learn to skate so I could friend stalk her.