Maybe You Should Dress as Sexy John Oliver This Halloween

If you’re still stuck for a costume, but want to be *relevant*.
Publish date:
October 29, 2014
playboy, Halloween Costumes, Sexy Halloween

No, this is not an attempt to troll Playboy‘s recently attempts at Feminism [Extra] Lite. But the men’s mag’s suggestions for sexy costumes they’d like to see this year is surprisingly inspirational if you’re still stuck for a costume, want to be *relevant* and refuse to believe that we could be in for an unseasonably frigid weekend.

I mean, John Oliver is fairly sexy even when he is wearing pants. Though who knows if that’s the case, I’ve only seen him from the waist up and as a person who’s own job doesn’t always necessitate pants and I have no shame in taking full advantage of this. But I digress — Sexy John Oliver is a pretty funny costume. So is Sexy Joe Biden (great for steering convo towards the war on women,) and I’ll be damned if I don’t want to dress as Sexy Neil deGrasse Tyson just so I can pose in front of a galaxy screen like some sort of budding Physics and Astronomy major’s ’86 yearbook wet dream.

See Playboy‘s recommendations below. And if you’d rather keep your pants on this weekend — seriously, it might snow — there’s always Natasha Lyonne as Beetlejuice as Janis Joplin for less exposed mashup.